begonia leaves curling

Otherwise, it could be due to lack of humidity, improper watering, or too much sun or heat. Hi! Wilting or drooping leaves – Droopy leaves is usually caused by under watering The most common cause of brown leaf edges is that your Begonia is incredibly dry. It just wasn't like that when I got it and I don't know what changed. I'm a fairly new plant owner, had fairly good luck, but yes, now they are funny colored. But with the right care this can be avoided and save your flower from imminent death. Begonia Leaves Are Curling. The Editor's Tutorial.Pests, Diseases & Problems: Sometimes problems are bound to occur, and not every tuber that you start at the beginning of the season will grow into a satisfactory begonia to be proud of. Curling leaves . I've … Question From: Pendleton, Oregon, United States . It's not cold here either, that's out. Also, my other begonia seems to be permanently stunted, hasn't grown new leaves in a while, but still has its few healthy leaves. I'm a bit unsure whats up. How to propagate Begonia from leaf Whole leaf. Watering. It can be alarming to see the leaves of your Begonia plant start to brown, but don't fret! Help, please? If you’ve decided to propagate your Begonia using leaves, which is possible with most of the ones that are grown as houseplants, your easiest option is to use a plastic seedling tray. And prevention will help owners of healthy begonias avoid leaf curling in the future. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy. Let's investigate and get to the bottom of this. Leaf curl is often caused by a sudden change, such as a sudden heat wave. It could be too little light or letting it dry out too often but it doesn't have dried out leaves or brown edges. Ramsey County Minnesota. First, check to make sure there aren’t any bugs on the leaves. Thanks a bunch! Do you have a gardening question? Begonia, irrespective of its variety, is prone to one problem - curled leaves. Curling leaves – This can be caused by a number of problems. Why are the leaves on my Begonia brown around the edges? Here's a pic of my begonia with the cupped leaves. My dragon wing begonias have curling leaves---not all. Asked June 7, 2016, 11:30 AM EDT. Q: My tuberous Begonia leaves are curling under but seem healthy otherwise.

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