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The bass guitar, specifically the electric bass guitar comes with options for 4, 5, and 6 strings. What Is The Best Bass Guitar For Beginners? These are attached to the body of the guitar by means of a large piece of hardware. The six-string electric bass guitar is like a next step for musicians that have mastered the bass guitar’s primary features and want to expand on more note options. They typically have 3 nobs used to create more of a low-fi sound. There are two main types of bass guitar bodies: hollowbody basses and solidbody basses. Their main advantage is that they have a wide range of sounds from a deep, full sound to a high pitched, shrill sound. One advantage, then, is the ability to play right away without setting up any extra equipment. The nut floats the strings above the fretboard, and scale length is measured to this point. The bass guitar, specifically the electric bass guitar comes with options for 4, 5, and 6 strings. I wouldn’t recommend using these bass strings on any vintage bass guitars or weak necks which require lighter handling. Just like with acoustic or electric guitar strings, a bass guitar’s strings will affect the tone of your bass. Finally, the price and budget will play a huge role in the six string electric bass that is right for you. This eight string model features basswood body, maple and walnut neck, and thirty-four-inch scale. Oct 5, 2007 Spokane, WA. The tone quality is nice and bright. P Bass six strings also have split coil humbucker pickups, giving it the advantages of both types of pickups, and therefore, a great sound delivery. Fender 7250M bass strings are a great all-around bass string. Generally, the thinner the total set of strings, the lighter the gauge. Give Spector Legend Classic 6 a shot. D’Addario EXL165 bass strings provide the best of two worlds with a mix of light and medium gauge bass strings that provide a wide range of tonality (.045 .065 .085 .105). With a high range of notes and tones and expert level craftsmanship, this six-string electric bass offers the best features in each category for a bass that will deliver. Having more notes makes it possible to use different hand movements and different chord shapes than guitars with four or five strings. I’d highly recommend going for a set of Elixir Nickel Plated Steel NANOWEB’s which are super well balanced across all departments. Regardless, even for the most advanced musicians, there are a wide variety of this specialized guitar available on the market today, each with unique playing features and slight sound differences. Amazing to think how much of a difference a set of strings can make! There are a lot of materials, windings and thicknesses to consider, all of which can turn an average bass guitar into a tone monster! Pickups that lie closer to the fretboard will create a smoother, more classic sound, while those that lie further down on the body and near to the bridge will create an edgy sound. There are also three types of bridges on six string electric bass guitars: through bridge, string-through body, and the last, bridge and tailpiece combination. But, with enough practice, you’ll get into it. Acoustic-electric bass guitars look identical to acoustic guitars with one exception: their size. December 10, 2016., • Bass Guitar Buying Guide. As a general rule of thumb, the other sizes are: Where the ball end of Bass strings are connected. I play mostly progressive metal and heavy metal so anything that suits those genres would be best. Now that you know about the many features that go into building a six string electric bass guitar, you can learn about the four main types of these instruments, and then search for a model or use our recommendations to find a model that meets your exact needs. In other words, there is no “beginner” six string listed because usually beginners opt for a simpler model like a four or five string electric bass. However, for the most advanced players, a fretless options exists with more similarities to the violin or the upright bass in sound and how it is played than the acoustic guitar. I have been a multi-instrumentalist for years, and I currently play guitar, bass guitar, piano, and... Learning to play bass guitar has never been easier. With a three piece neck, an alder wood body, and a maple top, each component of this guitar is made with top of the line materials. Coated strings are generally more expensive and not as bright sounding. There are electric bass guitars that offer even more strings than six string bass guitars. A much more expensive and expert level six string bass, listed at $5,300. Changing strings is not too difficult, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. The regular gauge Ernie Ball slinky bass strings (.050 .070 .085 .105) are a nice balance between tone and easy playability. Buy from Amazon Along the neck you will see slots of metal, called the frets, which you play with your fingers in one hand. Explore some of the best passive electric bass guitars with six strings here. If you have neck and shoulder issues or back problems, you may want to select a lighter weight material than some of the more dense wood options. Many different types of wood can be used to build a six string electric bass guitar: Alder – very popular, offering clarity and balance. The advantages to having a sixth guitar string, other than the wider range of notes, involves skill level. Old strings have almost no brightness and tend to give off more of a muddled sound. If you also do a lot of slap bass, you get a great thump and pop. Frets are the small lines along the neck of a guitar that create scales and steps for musicians to place their fingers on and achieve different notes when plucking and strumming the strings. They range from $200 to $3,000 and include options for all skill types. These are aggressive, power strings which give off a ton of sustain, brightness and deep bass tone. Best Choice: Well designed to provide punch and tone, while also having a long lifespan, Best Value: Really easy to get along with for a majority of music styles, while being really affordable, Best for Heavy Metal: Thicker gauge strings which deliver on those hard rock tones, Best All Rounder: A good middle ground option between playability and punchy tone, Best Hybrid Option: A nice fat bottom end and lighter gauge tops which work well for funk and slap music styles, Most Creative Flair: Not just for looks, these coated strings have a long life span and sound pretty good too, Best Acoustic Option: Designed for acoustic bass guitars with a lot of punchy tone and a coating built to last, Premium Pick: Easy on the fingers and zero fret squeak, these flatwound strings are perfect for those warmer, jazzier tones, Best Steel Strings: Superb clarity and punch perfect for heavy metal and slap music styles. The other hand is used to strum or pick notes on the body of the guitar. Strumming or Plucking the Strings: Which is Best? December 11, 2016., • User: “expertvillage,” (February 3, 2008) How to Setup a Fender Bass: How to Adjust Bridge Saddle on a Bass Guitar. As I've said in threads before. I hope this helps you with a few ideas to try find your unique combination of flavor of tone, punch and brightness. For example, D’addario EXL220 strings are a ‘super light’ package whereas Ernie Ball Regular Slinky bass strings are a ‘medium’. I analyzed each of the components of an electric six sting individually- the neck, the fretboard, the headstock, the turns, the scales, the preamps, the bridge, the pickup, the body type, and the body materials. Can also use a 62 or 64 on the low-E string for added heaviness and tension. On the other hand, it is also heavier to hold and not practical to play for lengthy amounts of time. For example, Drop D, High tension on the neck means less suited to vintage models, Not the easiest to fret or play for beginners, Great all rounder for a diverse range of playing styles, Awesome tone balance between brightness and warmth, Not as long of a lifespan compared to coated strings, Great balance of warmth, punch and brightness, Excellent gauge for slap bass and funk music with extra thump on the low end, Not as long of a lifespan compared to coated bass strings, Lighter gauge is friendly to beginners and shredders, Colours match all the clothes in your wardrobe, Quite expensive but they do last a long time, Not as much sustain or volume compared to uncoated strings, Corrosive resistant and smooth textured coating, Good tone balance between brightness and warmth, Good level of grip while also reducing fret squeak, Not as loud as standard, uncoated roundwound bass strings, Fairly expensive (although really long lasting), Classic warm tone perfect for blues, jazz bass and british rock styles of music, Smoothest playing surface of all winding types, Brighter than most flatwound bass strings, giving a lovely tone balance, Gauge is heavier than roundwounds of the same thickness, Higher tension makes flatwounds less suitable for vintage basses, Loud, punchy and bright even on a lighter gauge, Can be a little more ‘scratchy’ on fingers and frets, Tend to lose their brightness and tone quickly.

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