birds of the same feather flock together essay

When two people share the same values, goals, and outlook on life there going share a deeper connection. The Origin of ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’. “If birds of a feather flock together, they don’t learn enough.” To me, this quote means that you have to be on your own to learn, to grow, and create your own life. They are likely to get associated with one another. Those of the same kind only flock together. Introduction ‘birds of a feather’, pl (plural only) is a phrase (usually verb-link PHRASE). People who have same interests, nature, likes and dislikes are attracted towards each other. People are like to be with the ones who do similar things, similar interests, belongs to same culture and can very easily join together. This is because a bird can be comfortable only in flock of its kind. It is well known that a person likes to be with or likes to be friends with those people who are like him in terms of mentality and character. It states that the character of a man is determined mostly by the kind of company that he keeps. This proverb tells about the nature of birds, that to a large extent also indicates the nature of human. The phrase literally means that birds who have similar feathers body structure or overall who belong to the same species always fly in the same flock that is they always stick together. They prefer the company of people who are at same frequency with them. A swallow would not be seen to join a goose and vice versa. This doesn’t happen with species that doesn’t fit into their nature. It is a type of metaphorical phrase, that relates bird’s character with human character. But as we know that friends, work environment or even watching various shows on the TV affects a person’s behavior and mentality thus, overall affecting and also sometimes, changing his or her character. During my time in early and mid-adolescents I felt compelled to act similar to my friends to match our group identity. It can be emotional behavior, analytical skills, regional and cultural belief, extrovert or introvert nature etc. Birds are mostly seen to fly and flock together. The phrase helps in highlighting the gist of mingling and working together. Essay topics for si exam opening line of application essay essay on my favorite bird eagle of same on flock the together feather birds Essay essay on a cricket match in hindi, ib tok extended essay matrix 2015. They like to spend time with people who share similarity with them. You will hardly see any combination of a sparrow, a buzzard, a seagull, a crow or a cardinal flying together. So, the proverb “birds of same feather flock together” describes set of people who have similar interests hangs out together. However, when a cat or a predator sees the bird in groups, then it is less likely to attack them. When two people share the same values, goals, and outlook on life there going share a deeper connection. Therefore, they do not feel comfortable in being with their grandparents and as they grow up they get emotionally detached from their grandparents and be with people of the same age. This proverb means that people who exhibit similar habits or character are seen to always accompany each other. : Birds of the same kind are often seen to flock and fly together. Therefore, it also said that a person’s character is known by the type of friends he has. It shows how humans gel with the ones with people who share similar character, habits, and interests. And hence, there is a possibility that a person will therefore, have stronger emotional bonds with his friends rather than his relatives. This proverb means that people having the same character, thinking and habits will tend to be together. You can see groups of birds and sparrows flying together in the sky. This phrase explains that whenever a person tries to socialize or interact with people in the society, he will most definitely interact and stick together with the people who have similar personality and character. But when a person is unhappy or not satisfied with his family relations, he/ she become emotionally unstable and therefore, might fall prey for the wrong people. Similarly, humans also tend to be with the people who have similar interests, thoughts, likings, etc. This proverb has got a very deeper meaning. It was in use as far back as the mid-16th century. Those having similar interests and habits form friendships. It won’t fit at all. So, it is easy for a person to guess the character and habit of a person by his friendships. They move, flock and feed together. Witnessing birds flying together in the sky is very common sight. Flying together assist birds to remain safe from its predators. How to include a song title in an essay, argumentative essay on teachers are better than doctors: the perfect essay format essay with same feather flock Birds the together climate change research paper outline, sentence examples with … So, the proverb implies that when it comes to human, they also show the same characteristics. Some special kinds of birds which cross the seas in search of warm regions go in flocks. If one’s circle of friends enjoys one type of risky behavior you may feel the need to participate in this behavior, commonly known as “bird of a feather flock together” (Arnett, 2013). Your email address will not be published. William Turner is said to have used a version of this expression in the Rescuing of Romish Fox, from the year 1545: “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.” How many pages is a 10 000 word dissertation birds of on same together feather flock Essay the boy in the striped pyjamas essay plan. Witnessing birds flying together in the sky is very common sight. This might affect his behavior in the society and also affect his character gradually over a period of time, until a moment where he cannot go back to him being his previous self’. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together. The proverb has a deeper meaning mentioning how humans accompany each other who are of similar character, habits, and interests. ‘Birds of the same feather’ is not a phrase. So, to have a long-lasting friendship, it is important to select people who have similar outlooks, and character. They may not feel comfortable with the ones who bears a different character. This is applicable to humans also.

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