choczero dark chocolate chips

Shipping Weight:? ChocZero, Dark Chocolate Chips, Sugar Free, 7 oz. ChocZero 50% Dark Chocolate, Sugar free, Low Carb. They sell for $5.99 per 7 oz. 56 Reviews | Write a Review | 3 & 12 In Stock . By ChocZero. By ChocZero. Our 55% cacao baking chips utilize the exact same chocolate as our dark chocolate Keto Bark to lastly bring ChocZero straight into your kitchen. Flavor: Dark Chocolate. The latest addition to the ChocZero lineup is baking chocolate chips in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. No Sugar Alcohol, No Artificial Sweetener, All Natural, Non-GMO - (3 Bags, 30 Pieces) 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,882 0.23 kg Switch to … Quantity Discount: 1 Package(s) 7 oz $5.99. ChocZero No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Baking Chips are 45% cacao baking chips that use the same chocolate as ChocZero's milk chocolate Keto Bark. 59 Reviews | Write a Review | 3 & 10 Out of Stock—Back on December 20 2020 . While the carb count on most chocolate chips comes from sugars, the guilt-free carbs in these chips comes almost exclusively in the form of dietary fiber. Best Value 4 x 7 oz $22.76 5% Off … Dark and decadent, our chocolate chips … Smooth and decadent, ChocZero's low carb chocolate chips … (via ChocZero… Notify Me. bag. ChocZero, Dark Chocolate Chips, Sugar Free, 7 oz.

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