contemporary native american jewelry artists

He is very insistent on teaching his Diné language to his children. Darrell Cadmen : Hallmark: D. Cadman / Ramshead. Phil is a master of Modern American Indian Jewelry. Phil Loretto : Hallmark: Loretto Sterling. He has won an award at the New Mexico State Fair. Her family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico when she was young. Erma’s mother, Jolene Shorty taughter her to silversmith in 1989. Anderson was born in Twin Lakes, New Mexico USA. Have you seen our YouTube …, Copyright 2020 Durango Silver Company. She is in her thirties and has four children. She's got about 21 years as a silversmith. Tommy Jackson : Hallmark: Jesus Fish with Tommy Jackson Inside of it. This Native American artist is sure to be a an American Jewelry classic. Edison is also known for his difficult cuts, especially his reverse circular inlays. Albert was born in 1959 in Zuni, New Mexico. Leo Feeney. Glendora Booqua : American Hallmark: RGB Sterling, Isabell Delgarito : Native American Indian Artist Hallmark: D and Full Name stamp. Darryl is also a pencil and ink artist and a sand painter. Ben Yazzie has made fine silver and Turquoise jewelry for many, many famous Country musicians such as Charlie Daniels, Dwight Yokham, the McEntire Sisters, Mark Wills and many more. Freddy was born in 1962 in Shiprock, New Mexico USA. Terry Charlie is best known for his classic Native American Turquoise Jewelry. He enjoys the outdoors with his family. Donavon was born in 1968 in Gallup, New Mexico USA. Sunshine has been creating gorgeous Navajo Silver Jewelry since the 1980s. He learned to silver smith from his relatives, Sunshine Reeves and Andy Cadman. Tommy Jackson is from Ganado, Arizona which is synonymous with fine Navajo Rugs and Native American Indian Jewelry. Orville is a self-taught Navajo artist who has been active since 1970. Andy Cadman : Hallmark: Times New Roman A. Cadman. He is a family man and makes jewelry for the love of it, not really as a source of income. Derrick loves to create all kinds of modernized Navajo style silver jewelry. Edison Yazzie is known for his wonderful contemporary Inlay Jewelry. Randy Boyd : Hallmark: Sterling Randy Boyd with a spur around it and USA, Richard Begay : Hallmark : RB and Sterling. Albert is a sand painter and also makes pottery. We hope this brief list of Indian Jewelry Hallmarks has helped you learn a little bit more about Silver Jewelry or Turquoise Jewelry you own or would like to acquire. Sitemap | Make Every Day Outstanding. They have five children, three girls and two boys, Danielle, Chanelle, Adrienne, Derrick Jr. and Matthew. Turquoise jewelry five leading native modern american types of by indian art show marin. Her Navajo Silver Rings and Navajo Bracelets are very popular and famous. Kelly Morgan is a sixth-generation Navajo silversmith and is the son of famed Navajo silversmith Harry Morgan. Erma was born in 1960 in Canoncito, New Mexico USA. Coriz is definitely an artist to watch. Phil is famous for his modern Southwest Silver. Inlay Turquoise Jewelry artisan and silver jeweler. Anderson Cadman : Native American Hallmark: Cursive A. Cadman. La Rose works along side her husband Archie. Albert Francisco : Native American Jewelry Hallmark : Curved Francisco with a capital A in the center. Edison loves to make inlaid jewelry with Turquoise and other earth tone gemstones. Native American Jewelry Call 713-898-4315 Maker of wonderful Native Silver Jewelry with a modern flare. James Lee : Hallmark: James Lee in Cursive and Sterling, John Charley : Artisan Hallmark: J. Charley Sterling USA, Julius Burbank : Hallmark: Cursive Julius Burbank or JB Sterling USA, Johnny Coonis : Artist Hallmark: Cutout of a Heavy Metal Electric Guitar. Of the multitudes of honors and recognition, Tommy's highest, in his view, was being chosen Navajo Tribal representative for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Albert Jake works with his brother, and they both work out of their fathers high tech silver shop creating wonderful pieces of quality Native American jewelry with famous silver jewelry hallmarks. She started out beading because nobody else in her family was making bead jewelry. Sunshine was born in 1964 in Gallup, New Mexico. Artists from the tribes indigenous to the Southwest have produced jewelry work primarily in Arizona and New Mexico . Terry has been a silversmith since 1988. Peterson comes from a long line of outstanding American Indian jewelers. Rodney Coriz rarely wholesales his jewelry. DO NOT CALL DURANGO SILVER COMPANY or EMAIL US for your own personal knowledge. He is the brother of David Reeves and half brother to Sunshine Reeves. Richard was immediately drawn to inlay jewelry. Bernard Peina : American Indian Hallmark: Bernard Peina Sterling USA. Terry was born in 1966 in Tuba City, Arizona USA. Darryl Becenti is a pretty prolific Native Indian Jewelry artisan. Darryl was born in 1957 in Gallup, New Mexico and was raised in Mexican Springs,  USA. She has been creating bead jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry for about 4 years now. These are Native American Jewelry Artists that can be found here on Turquoise Skies. Today Ben Yazzie's favorite thing to make are 3D Horny Toads. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. We have made this list of hallmarks to help you identify and learn about Silver Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry or Native American Jewelry artists. She lives at Smith Lake on the Navajo reservation. He married his wife Ernestine in 1995. Another of our buddies that makes classical Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry.

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