denon not showing atmos

In order to get the Atmos bitstream passed over to your receiver you must enable passthrough. The left one (red I think) is for movie audio mode. If that makes any difference. What should I have the channels set to then? I changed my upfiring ones for in ceiling this spring. You don’t have “Sync playback to display” turned on in Settings>Videos>Playback by any chance do you? Tried w/both. EDIT: the manual also states that the Dolby Atmos sound mode will not be available if the current playback source does not contain Atmos encoding. I did run audyssey again. It just caught my eye. My setup: i5-6500 / GTX 1050 TI (385.41/69) / Denon X4100w Thanks for any pointers. Tried it on kodi and plex. Set to Atmos enabled in Kodi? Tried Archos/Kodi/SPMC same with all of them when playing TrueHD, standard Dolby stream seems to work ok. What setting can I … You have Atmos speakers connected to your receiver (as in 5/7.1.2/4)? see the link from @fzinken be sure you enable all the audio formats and also passthrough. I then toggled everything back and now it's displaying as atmos. However my AV is not displaying that this is an Atmos audio file, any suggestions? If I play the same file direct from nas to tv then arc to AV it is visual. @r666rkb might have a 5.1 setup too. Also if I play the file direct from nas to my oled and ARC to my denon it displays Atmos (although I know the LG oled does not pass through true Atmos sound). When you stream a 4K movie from the Shield and hit Info on the Denon is it showing all speakers active? you mentioned direct on tv via nas then via arc atmos is "visual. Atmos works fine with my Samsung 4K player so I know it is an Xbox One X issue. 5-Star Review: AVR-X2600H. I have the vero setup as 7.1output and hdmi pcm. Edit: My AVR is not Atmos capable but I do have a 7.1 speaker set up which still takes advantage of the Atmos signal from BluRay discs. There is no issue with the sound, it seems to be working but I can’t choose or see that the display shows Atmos so not sure if it is pure Atmos or not. They told me that it was probably an EDID issue, … Do you have Atmos speakers? so passtrhough is enabled and 7.1 is selected. Not sure if it's a cable issue bc 4k hdr at 60 isn't an issue. You will now get a confirmation box in your browser to open the store or not. I recently upgraded my receiver. 7.1 pcm output is demuxing the audio in the Vero so your receiver would never display Atmos, as it’s receiving a LPCM input. You might also look in the settings menu of your Denon for a information screen. Buying Advice, Tech Support, etc for Televisions, Home Theater, Speakers, Projectors, Audio/Video Receivers, etc. I realize that they are two distinct audio modes, so I went back to my ready player one blu-ray rip (which I swear displayed atmos) and it displays as Dolby truehd as well. And you don’t need hight speakers to get Atmos; Atmos works with only bed channels as well. ". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 5.1.2, X3500H, RF-62II, RC-62II, PSA V1811. Sale Denon Home 350. Click on “Get the app”. Edit: I don't remember seeing the atmos switch in kodi, just truehd. Was watching a blu-ray rip w/the kids last night and noticed that my receiver was displaying Dolby truehd instead of atmos from my nvidia shield. Not sure why speaker calibration would affect the mode, though. Reply. i meant that atmos is displayed when playing (for example the link I’ve added in previous message), as reply to @r666rkb which doesn’t see it. Also, you can download the Denon app, and will tell you when you open it, what audio is being output for the source you're on. I will try the file posted tomorrow to see Did you just add the Atmos speakers? Try cycling the output modes with the green movie button on the remote to see if it cycles to Atmos? Hi guys. Black. I think mine was defaulted on TrueHD and I just had to select Atmos. I have pass through set on the vero as well. Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe a screenshot of settings in Kodi for audio. Discover Denon Home. Kodi, Plex? If not it will only read TrueHD. I called Denon. Google that topic and you will get the answer. Did it ever show Atmos previously? AVR-X4700H ... Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and more. The Denon is set to Auto detect sound setting and it keeps showing "Multi In" on the LCD display.

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