female parakeet talking

Choose the right time. 2. It can take weeks or even couple months for training parakeets to get off the ground. On the contrary, they are lively and playful birds that can grow deeply attached to their human companions. Our Editor listed best parakeet cages after researching a lot, based on verified users feedback, ratings, durability and price. And some parakeets simply aren't interested in talking and will never learn. Then, when it can repeat the word at least 3 times in a row, repeat the process with a different word. But it is better to keep female Budgie with two male Budgies. Once your parakeet has mastered his name and a few other solitary words, he's ready to learn a phrase. When it comes to talking, parakeets are one of the most talented species of birds. For example, hold up a pillow and say, "Pillow." Once he does this, you know that he truly knows the word. Leave the radio on to help your bird pick up more words. It's important to form a close bond with your parakeet so that he wants to talk openly with you. Reward him with verbal praise, as well as a treat such as carrots, celery or millet sprays, which are satisfying, healthy treats for all domestic birds. This will help your parakeet learn that you're totally focused on him, so he should be totally focused on you. If he's under the weather, chances are he won't want to learn anything new. Do all parakeets talk? But eventually, before you train your parakeet how to talk, the two of you need to be close friends who are very comfortable around each other. He will learn at his own rate. Tweety. Parakeets are the talking species of birds. And even if he never learns how to talk, you should feel proud that you invested the time with him and deepened your bond with your amazing parakeet. You must start very simple with parakeets, and that means to start with one easy word. You can do this simply by spending quality time together. Male budgies tend to be better at talking than female budgies, potentially because males need to vocalize to gain the attention of female budgies during mating season. Beginning your talking lessons with a phrase such as "Hi, how are you?" In general, the female parakeet's role as the builder and protector of the nest makes her slightly more aggressive than her male counterpart. Trying to introduce too many words at one time can really confuse parakeets. Any more often than that, and your bird could become bored and agitated. So you might be interested to know -- how to train a parakeet to talk? You can begin by repeating one simple word as you start your day. If your parakeet has a bunch of distractions around the room, chances are he won't focus on learning. If you seem bored or like you're just trying to get through this lesson, he will also pick up on that. Female parakeets are dominant in their social interactions, so base your selection of a second budgie on gender. You have the best chance of getting him to follow your lead if you're happy and animated. Most parakeets are docile until provoked, so female parakeets are still safe pets. To teach your parakeet to talk, begin by repeating one word over and over, starting in the morning when the bird’s not too tired. Some female parakeets are more docile and willing to talk than some male parakeets. This will help your parakeet associate talking with music. When he says the first word you're teaching him, it's time to celebrate! If his name is Tweety, repeat it over and over again. Whistling Similar to talking, whistling is a sign of a happy, healthy bird. A chattering bird can appear to be talking to itself, and some ways that are correct (although your bird probably doesn’t know it). Parakeets are picky … The gender of the bird has little to do with it. Parakeets will talk as a sign of affection and attentiveness for their owners. Parakeets are able to learn so many words and phrases that they can eventually carry on a great conversation with you! Male birds typically learn quicker and talk with more frequency and clarity than female birds, but both are very capable.

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