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.guitar-serial-listing code { flex: 1; A new serial numbering scheme was adopted toward the end of 2009 using the number “10” as a prefix, followed by a space, followed by seven digits. padding: .5rem; If you have what you consider an odd serial number, it might appear here. background-color: #222; Notice that there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years. This new scheme uses the letters “US” as a prefix to designate an instrument made in the United States, followed by an eight-digit number. flex-direction: column; This new scheme is now used on the majority of U.S.-made Fender instruments, with exceptions including the American Vintage series and certain special-run instruments. Step #2 Match your serial number with the correct date. “N”-prefix serial numbers denoting the 1990s were introduced in 1990. Serial numbers were stamped on the back vibrato cover plate on early ’50s Stratocaster® guitars, and on the bridge plate between the pickup and the saddles on some Telecaster® guitars. } As a manufacturer and distributor of new instruments, Fender has no direct involvement in the used, collector or vintage instruments markets, and is therefore unable to comment or speculate on the current value of such instruments. "STRAT®" from about 1980, (Gold hardware, 2 position rotary tone switch), U.S. '52 Vintage Telecaster® 1982-1988 (Check neck date for specific year), U.S. '52 Vintage Telecaster 1988-present (Check neck date for specific year), FSRs and '52 Teles (Note: the XN prefix typically does not appear on the instrument itself, but it is a prefix that is entered in our OS database. Where to Find the Serial Number on Your Fender Guitar? #guitar-serial-display { For most of Fender’s U.S. instrument production history, production dates have been applied to various components. If you’re unable to identify the approximate production year of your instrument using the above charts, several excellent books are available that contain invaluable and reliable information on the history of Fender instruments. box-sizing: border-box; padding: 10px 15px 10px 15px; font-weight: 600; This new numbering scheme was short-lived and was replaced only a few months later by an improved scheme that identifies an instrument’s country of origin and year of manufacture in the body of the serial number. All Rights Reserved Registered Address – Dramatik, c/o Wesley Offices, 74 Silver Street, Bristol, BS48 2DS, On the front or at the back of the headstock, On the cover plate of the vibrato (on Stratocasters), On the back of the vibrato cover plate (on early ’50s Stratocasters), Between the pick-up and the saddles (some Telecasters), The prefix ‘L’ at the beginning of a serial number indicates a guitar from the early ’60s, The prefix ‘S’ at the beginning of a serial number stands for the decade of the seventies, The prefix ‘E’ stands for the decade of the eighties, The U.S. Vintage Series (launched in 1982) uses ‘V’ as a prefix for the serial number, The prefix ‘N’ at the beginning of a serial number stands for the nineties, The prefix ‘Z’ stands for guitars made in the noughties (2000 – 2010). Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an instrument’s production year. border: 0px; Many pawnshops use this book and others like it to establish instrument values. Z0 denotes 2000; Z1 denotes 2001, etc. How can I find out when my old Fender® banjo was manufactured? .guitar-serial-button { If you want to know the year of manufacture of your Fender guitar, you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in the tables below. You can order these titles through your local Authorized Fender Dealer. Once again, there is quite a bit of overlap in numbers and years. text-align: center; font-family: Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; flex: 1; Only the seven-digit suffixes were actually entered into the database. How can I find out when my American-made instrument was manufactured? For years, serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments, such as the top of the neck plate, the front or back of the headstock and the back of the neck near the junction with the body. Blonde Jazzmasters® and Jaguars® with Gold hardware made in 1994. border-radius: .3rem; color: #444; font-size: 1rem; width: 100%; height: 1.5rem; }. The first two digits of the number identify the year of manufacture, (10 for 2010, 11 for 2011, etc.). } line-height: 1.5rem; Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated. These include the top of the neck plate, somewhere on the headstock, on the bridge plate or the back of the neck near the body. Finding your serial number on your Fender should be very easy. Given the modular nature of Fender production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, then stored for a period of time before being paired with a body to create a complete guitar, perhaps, for example, in the following year. The naming convention is a bit haphazard, but here are some general rules that should ring true 99% of the time (but beware, there are plenty of exceptions). He's a multi-instrumentalist and loves researching, writing, and geeking out about music. Fender. Serial numbers with an “S” prefix denote the 1970s (signifying a CBS attempt to use serial numbers to identify production years); an “E” prefix was introduced in 1979 to denote the 1980s.

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