fermented jalapeño hot sauce recipe

Wait until your first taste. https://nourishedkitchen.com/fermented-hot-chili-sauce-recipe If you want a real clean liquid hot sauce, add another cup of vinegar and let it all stew for a few days further and then strain out the pulp with a nut milk bag or fine strainer. (I personally prefer to use Bubbie's liquid or liquid from my homemade ferments.) These fiery jalapeño slices are great on just about any dish. Makes 1 quart mason jar. You’ll seriously be hooked! In fact, naturally fermented jalapeño peppers are the perfect ferment to start with, if you love spicy foods but not the sourness of ferments! My husband, shamelessly, adds the brine to soups for some extra heat. Sandwiches. Pour some over a rice bowl, enjoy it on a burrito, or use it any way you’d normally use hot sauce. In addition to that kick, these peppers also provide naturally occurring probiotics that come with lacto-fermentation. https://www.mountainfeed.com/blogs/learn/fermented-hot-sauce-recipe Use any starter culture you have on hand. Whey, liquid from Bubbie's pickles, or liquid from a previous homemade ferment, such as sauerkraut, all work. This fermented hot sauce is sure to impress your friends and family with an out-of-this-world flavor! https://www.fermentedfoodlab.com/top-fermented-hot-sauce-recipes Nachos. Enchiladas. ️ . I take the paste and add it to sauces, toss a teaspoon of it in with rice and stir-fried goodies, mix with rice and beans, and sometimes eat some directly on a chip when feeling particularly daring. Green Apple Jalapeno Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe. Tacos. Healthy Fermented Condiment.

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