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The tank should be at least four feet in length and two feet in width so that the fish has ample swimming space. That ensures that the fish remain healthy and that their looks are preserved. Share. The Flowerhorn cichlid is quite a robust, hardy species that will do well if kept in the appropriate water conditions. Here are a few tips that will help you to grow the Kok of the Flowerhorn : Tips to Grow Massive Flowerhorn Kok 1. That includes foods such as beef heart, as that can cause serious digestive problems. Enjoy Fish Keeping For Further info Facebook id (Apple Fish ) appy4455@gmail.com / Whatsapp me 9892944004 These are big fishes that need lots of space if they are to thrive, so the minimum tank size that we would recommend is at least 55 gallons for a single specimen. Did you enjoy our guide to the enigmatic, spectacular Flowerhorn? The Flowerhorn's hump like the smaller humps of its ancestors is mostly comprised of genetically determined fat tissue. Flowerhorn cichlids are carnivores, and they have a large appetite! Telling the boys from the girls is no easy task when it comes to Flowerhorns! As with many common fish diseases, Hole-In-Head disease is caused by a parasite, Hexamita. Well, the Flowerhorn is not a cheap creature, but the price you pay depends on a few factors, including age, size, markings, and color. 5 years ago. However, further variations appeared, and by 1999 there were four distinct strains of Flowerhorn: More crossbreeding took place, and in 2000 and 2001, the first Kamfa strains appeared that were essentially hybrids of any of those four species and Blood Parrot cichlids. If you’re looking for a show-quality Flowerhorn, there are seven prescribed “standards” that you need to look for, which are: As with all cichlids, Flowerhorns have a set of prominent teeth in their throats, as well as regular teeth. Generally, these fish don’t fall victim to diseases unless their diet is inadequate or incorrect, and the tank is dirty. Flower horn dying at bottom of tank! The fins have sharp, spiny rays toward the rear that work as a defense against other Flowerhorns and predators. The Flowerhorn is a species of cichlid that is best known as a fish with a big forehead. After he recovered i feed him the usual diet of various hikari products but his hump diddnt seem to get back to its original size. However, if you do want to try breeding your fish, you will need to set up a spawning tank. In Asia, the Flowerhorn cichlid is considered to bring good luck to its owners according to Feng Shui. My flower horn is not eating turned colour black lose hump size (HEAD) stay... My Flower Horn Is Not Eating Food It Was So Sick ,Not Moving kindly give a... How much quantity of food can be provided to a baby flower horn. The dorsal and anal fins are long and pointed, and the caudal fin is rounder and more spad-shaped. The fish’s nuchal hump gets larger as the fish ages, so the Flowerhorn is associated with the Chinese God of Longevity. What is the difference between pearl spot flower horn and red dragon flower horn? My flower horn fish hump has been reduced and what is the time of feedings ... My flower horn fish hump has been reduced and what is the time of feedings and best food to increase head and body. However, the creature will be left disfigured. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Cichlids are notoriously promiscuous and will gladly mate with most other fish of the opposite sex, provided that they are members of the same species or some other type of cichlid. If you plan on adding new fish to your collection, you must put them into a quarantine tank for at least two weeks so that you can be sure they are healthy and disease-free before you introduce them to your main aquarium. Remember that Flowerhorns do like to spend much of their time cruising around their domain, so be sure to leave plenty of open water for swimming. . Take the fish out of the water and gently place it in your palm on its back so that its belly faces upward. What is the tank size?, what are the water parameters? Unusually for a hybrid species, Flowerhorns do breed successfully. The spawning tank should contain lots of rocks and other suitable screening so that the female fish can hide if the male becomes aggressive toward her. Male Flowerhorns are territorial, and they can be very aggressive even toward a mate, so plenty of hiding places are essential if you decide to keep a pair so that the female can stay out of the male’s line of sight. Check what you feed the Flowerhorn.

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