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By James Alexander - Updated 03 November 2020. Growers Choice is more than just your ordinary seed bank. At Growers Choice, we don’t want to leave you hanging if you buy cannabis seeds that won’t germinate, and as much as we’d love to invent the technology that let’s us confirm seed viability to a tiny margin of error, we’re just not there yet! It’s unlikely anything will change significantly in the near future, but at least they’re talking! Our 7% CBD strains have impressive benefits, while we carry other strains with up to 27% THC! Not only are our CSRs well-versed in growing know-how, we’ve also stocked our site with tons of really top-notch information on. The Growers Choice headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain, though they have marketing offices in Canada and the USA as well. (For example: $100 order = 1,000 points). Growers choice has approximately 40 strains available at any given time, including at least five high-CBD medicinal strains. Thanks for being an approachable and “real” company, instead of just an anonymous shipper of sub-par seeds. Trust us: we’re going to take good care of you. were delivered in a flash, and when I had a couple questions about germination, Alex was super helpful and patient. Growers Choice Seeds provides a large selection of Health & Beauty products at an affordable price. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! While many serious medical conditions often require the intervention of prescription medicine, medical treatment, and surgery, cannabis is a wonderful option for supplementing many treatment plans and even as a stand-alone option for some conditions. I love that I can grow and harvest my own cannabis medicine without dealing with the side effects. This isn’t some kind of waystation for low-quality seeds, but rather our way of thanking our customers for being loyal to Growers Choice. Muscle tension - just gone. Shop our selection today to find the seeds that fit your needs, and check out online using our secure server and your payment method of choice. If you’re not sure which pot seed strain is best for you – for your space requirements, medical concerns, or experience level – don’t hesitate to get in touch! We have the finest selection of cannabis seeds for sale anywhere online, all fully feminized, and competitively priced. © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. You see, what is considered a “high” level of CBD is actually much lower that a “high” level of THC. If you aren’t adept at growing your own cannabis seeds, we can help out in that department, too. Oh, yes! Feminized cannabis seeds have skyrocketed in popularity and reliability in recent years, and today we’re proud to present feminized seeds that are practically perfect: 99% guaranteed to give you flourishing, healthy, bud-packed female plants every single time. And not only do your seeds arrive with fast delivery, they’re also covered by a 90% germination guarantee as long as you germinate them within a few months and follow our simple germination method. That means it’s likely that every time you visit us, there will be something new to see! If you’re unfamiliar with autoflowering plants, the term simply means the plant will automatically switch to the flowering stage. We sell only the highest calibre cannabis seeds and ship to all 50 states. Knowing when to start the flowering stage requires a lot of little steps. Honestly, if you’re going to try anything, try this! Thank you! Be sure to follow their instructions step-by-step if you’re worried about successful germination, as they require photographic evidence in order to resolve any claims. No male chromosomes were involved in producing the seeds (the female plants were enticed to pollinate themselves), so no male chromosomes exist within their makeup. Whether you’ve been growing for years or are new to the game, Growers Choice has your back. — just how reliable our best-selling cannabis seeds are, and how helpful and friendly our customer service representatives are. On January 15th, a lengthy first cannabis hearing for the Energy and Commerce committee discussed the future of cannabis legalization. We don’t want you to find yourself sproutless after you germinate, so we have instated an industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. And as such, you know you’re getting high-quality feminized cannabis seeds with every order. If you’re new to growing marijuana or you have questions about a particular strain, we’re here to help. At Growers Choice we offer an excellent selection of high-CBD medical cannabis seeds to treat symptoms: We carry more than a dozen autoflowering cannabis seed varieties in our store, and every single one has the medicinal or generally therapeutic benefits most of us are looking for in an at-home grow. I just want to say that I have ordered seeds from other seed banks with no issues and was able to have success in harvest. If you see a new strain you like, we strongly recommend placing your order quickly – our new strains tend to fly off the shelf and sometimes end up out of stock for a few days shortly after they come online! More information on autoflowering seeds can be found here.

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