holy moonlight sword arcane build

Overview The Holy Moonlight Sword is a tremendously powerful weapon. Alternatively, you could take out some investment in ARC and put it into VIT for more survivability or STR for the untransformed form/more physical AR. Probably the best build to take you through NG+ E The ideal gems are Nourishing from the FRC (not the easiest to farm). Focus on STR early to clear the … Req. Lost is best for str/arc builds and gems. I'm going to suggest three builds for you, give a quick description and you pick which you like. BL 110 as well. There is a really good guide called the ARCANIST 2.0 by sljm8D on Reddit , it has loads of great information about gemming weapons on arcane builds etc. Holy Moonlight Sword Found In the Underground Corpse Pile. If your build allows it you could take skill to 50 for max damage (and best VAs) but skill provides the smallest boost of the three stats. So both attacks (normal and power attacks) will scale only from arcane. For Bloodborne on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Which holy moonlight sword is best for a quality/arcane build? Thanks papi. BLT: 5. I also max my bone marrow ash and oil urns, you will see the damage you inflict by using hunter tools. My question then is which version (Uncanny etc) should I use with either of the two builds? I need your advice about build for Holy Moonlight Sword. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 99 Arcane builds and the Holy Moonlight Sword - Bloodborne. https://mugenmonkey.com/bloodborne/28985 This is my idea of what it would look like, anyone care to help out? I've not used anything primarily arcane based yet, hence the uncertainty. Whew, that's a long read. The Holy Moonlight Sword is synonymous with Ludwig, the Holy Blade, but few have ever set eyes on the great blade, and whatever guidance it has to offer, it seems to be of a very private, elusive sort." Please go Pure Arc asap. I'm doing a 110 right now 40vit 15end 25str. It requires 16 strength, 12 skill and 14 arcane of its wielder. Never Go under 50 Arc as u can do several Other arcane WEP with this build. Other good arcane weapons are ludwig sword, lost holy moonlight sword, or any serrated weapons with fire gems. I have two builds for HMLS (one BL120 and one BL150) and 20 is plenty, I would say go for 15 and stamina runes if you can muster it. Having to invest in 3 stats seems kinda meh. Before doing anything else check that guide out! BL 110 as well. I figure if you're actually doing a HMLS build, you're gonna want to both do R1s and the laser stuff and the beams are a bit underwhelming at 25 AR. User Info: Vita_Aeterna. I hear the projectiles scale with arcane, while the one-handed and two-handed versions do split damage so which is the best way to go about this? Why waste your points on Arcane if spells won't totally destroy your opponents, right? You don't need any of that pussy ass shit. Gives you a nice mix of survivability, R1 damage, and laser damage and access to all hunter tools. NA required.If you want to play like a Dark Souls-like caster, then yeah go for 70-99 Arcane. Probably best to stay in Moonlight form, but you can swap freely. But I am strong with arcane and using weapons such as rosmarinus and flames prayer. I just need the right runes related to elemental or arcane and I am good to go. You're a man, you use your fists and glowing moon stick. I say 30 is manageable, but 40 is ideal. ). JK, you just want to steal my ideas. ~~ But you're wrong and I'm right). SKL: 25. It really shines at 50 AR. Basically every one of these builds relies on you starting with "A Cruel Fate" for the low Bloodtinge. Str/Arc build: str 40, arc 40 (or 50/50? You get decent damage with Hunter's Tools and you can pick up so many weapons, add a buff to them, then get pretty decent damage.

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