identigene dna paternity test

If you have any more questions, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. IDENTIGENE is one of the most highly accredited and recommended DNA Paternity Test labs in the world. That’s why we don’t put names on results reports for at-home tests. The baby’s mother still insists that he is. How to find out if my results are ready? Now that you have the kit: Open it! If you used the postage-paid envelope included in the kit, it can take 7-14 business days for the post office to deliver your samples to us. What does it mean 0 to 1 in the combined relationship index. You can also read more about legal testing here. Like $89, $119, and $129. Once they’re ready, you can either access the results there or call us at 888-404-4363. It’s easiest if he calls us directly to set up the test, since it involves more than one child: 800-681-7162. Please contact us 888-404-4363 for an approval and instructions on how to send the sample us. First, head to your nearest major drugstore. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 800-344-9583. You can always call us with questions, at any step of the process. 3. Hi, Rex. My guess is that the notification went to your spam folder. Why does it say not to put the swabs back into the original packaging? Have in mind we still need a consent signature from the participants. Hi, Rachel. I need to be sure. You will need to contact IDENTIGENE at 1-888-404-4363 and send in a Report Release Form along with your photo ID and the government issued birth certificate of the child. Your friends tell you rumors about your girlfriend’s infidelity or you remember being ‘broken up’ around the time the baby was conceived. Hi, Erika. Great question! How would that work?? We’re open M-F, 9 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time. Hello, Identigene, you recently did a test for my daughter and her father this was a personal test NOT a legal test. These instructions above are for the at-home test. Since it was an at-home test, Identigene has no way of verifying whose samples we were testing. I’m sorry for the wait, and thanks for your patience. Thanks! Are you looking at your results statement? Good afternoon Jackie, Hi, Kaye. I’ve sent in my samples, but i think my husband may have forgotten to sign his envelope, what will happen if that’s the case? How long does it take to know results? Those dates are not expiration dates; they’re the dates on which that particular kit was created. Hi can the swabs be sent in from different locations? If they are going to be sent in separately, we suggest that you call us to pre-pay for the testing so that we can give you a case number to write on the specimen envelopes. With millions of satisfied customers, it's easy to see why the HomeDNA Paternity Test (formerly IDENTIGENE®) is America’s most trusted DNA test at pharmacy.Get the kit and see for yourself why more people choose us for paternity-testing … You can also order a test from us over the phone and we will send the kit supplies to each person directly. Do you have to pay for the lab test right away or can it wait until you got all the money to pay for it ? Thank you. The cost for this test is $399 since more extensive analysis is required. The short answer is yes, but I highly recommend you contact our experts at 888-404-4363 to get details and pricing. I have an older child with the same father is it possible to test the older sibiling in place of the father .. Hi! This is for testing in the lab. If you are seeking child support or custody, these results couldn’t be used in court anyway, so it doesn’t matter legally. Please give us a direct call at 800-344-9583. and we will be happy to assist you. With hair, we would need at least 10 hair strands with the follicles attached. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us 1-888-404-4363 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. E.T. If you have any more questions or concerns, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. I was under the assumption that I would get an email stating that the samples were received in the lab . Hi, Unise. It’s the cheek cells that are needed for testing. In your case it’s probably OK. How many swabs on each cheek, for each swab is sufficient to get enough cells? 1. In regards to notification, we do not notify others on the account when a legal guardian is granted access to the account. Per the kit instructions, each participant should collect three separate samples using three separate swabs.

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