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Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Death Note's Light Yagami does not go to heaven or hell. Death Note Theory: Death Parade Shows What Happened to Light Yagami. Light ist ein junger Mann, der überdurchschnittlich groß ist und hellbraunes Haar und braune Augen hat. RELATED: Death Note: How Misa Amane Became Kira's Second-in-Command. When it comes to details about the stranger's life, they are minimal, but his "occupation" is known, being listed as a murderer. Hallo, ich habe vorhin in Death Parade in einer Folge gesehen dass Light dort auf einem Sofa saß. Mayu is given the option to save Harada's soul; however, she would then be condemning a stranger's soul. Und ich geh mal davon aus das Death Parade und Death note im selben Universum spielen. Hei also ich habe gerade den Anime Death Parade gesehen. Furthermore, it appears Ginti already passed judgement on the Light look alike, willing to send him to the void before he got an answer from Mayu. The Death Note anime premiered in 2006, introducing to a new audience shinigami like Ryuk, as well as the villainous protagonist, Light Yagami. In addition, Heaven and Hell do not exist in either anime, and the character Light Yagami does die in Death Note, making it only practical that he would be sent to Viginti after his death. This will explain why Light is seen in a completely different room rather than hanging around Ginti’s bar. Und in der zweit letzten Folge wird ein Bild von einem jungen Mann gezeigt. Seriously, Is the Dragon Ball Super Anime EVER Coming Back? Ich frage mich aber jetzt wie Light dann zum Shinigami werden könnte wenn er von einem der Schiedsrichter ins Nichts geworfen wird. KEEP READING: Death Note: How L Finally Caught Higuchi, the Third Kira. At the end of Death Note, Light is killed, knowing that there is no heaven or hell for him to go to. 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While the anime primarily follows Decim's story, another arbiter, Ginti, is featured. Those allow the arbiters to judge whether someone is reincarnated or if their soul is lost in the void. This easter egg is found in Episode 11 titled, "Memento Mori". When Light dies, he is around 23 years old, and the stranger is also about this age. When it comes to the fate of this stranger, Mayu is indecisive, so she and Harada go into the void together. While it is not confirmed what happens to a soul after death in Death Note, the rules of Death Parade could be applied here, showing fans that Light, like every other human, has been sent to an arbiter to be judged. Arbiters and shinigami also agree that heaven and hell are not real; however, where Death Note fails to give a definitive answer about what happens to the soul, Death Parade explains how the soul is either reincarnated or lost, depending on what the arbiter judges. Und der Typ sieht ja wirklich genau ~~ Mann. Death Note Theory: Death Parade Shows What Happened to Light Yagami, The Death Note: Another Note Has the BEST 'American' Names, Death Note: How Misa Amane Became Kira's Second-in-Command, Death Note: How L Finally Caught Higuchi, the Third Kira, Yuri!!! Retrieved from " https://death-parade… His soul is possibly being judged in Death Parade. The Death Note anime premiered in 2006, introducing to a new audience shinigami like Ryuk, as well as the villainous protagonist, Light Yagami. Lights appearance in Quindecim makes sense for two reasons: 1) Both Death Note and Death Parade were produced by the same company, Madhouse. Both the anime and manga developed a rich lore about death, centering on a notebook granting the owner the ability to kill anyone as long as they had a name and a face, as well as debunking the notion that there was a heaven or a hell. After graduating from Lewis & Clark College, with a honors in Rhetoric & Media Studies, she worked as a film school director and a theatrical assistant director in California. Er gilt als ziemlich gutaussehend, eine Eigenschaft, die unter anderem von Misa Amane und Kiyomi Takada bemerkt wurde. However, he struggles to understand Mayu's willingness to sacrifice herself, so he devises a new task to judge her in Season 1, Episode 11, "Memento Mori." An avid tea enthusiast, horror fanatic and comic lover, Caitlin focuses on femme and LGBTQ representation while also developing her creative writing. RELATED: The Death Note: Another Note Has the BEST 'American' Names. For an unnamed, non-speaking character, it is notable that this part of his past is included, especially given the fact that Light is a serial killer as well. This means that both shows are more likely to take place in the same universe. There is a slim chance that Ginti is being an arbiter of his word, but it is more than likely that he stuck to his initial judgement of the stranger, sending all three souls into the void, potentially bringing a permanent end to Light Yagami. While he doesn't say anything, and fans, like Mayu, know nothing about this man, the resemblance is uncanny. What further makes him nearly identical to Light is the fact that both anime are animated by Madhouse. However, the arbiters are deceptive, so this could've been a lie. Nine years later, the anime Death Parade not only shared in Death Note's notion that heaven and hell are human constructs, but also featured a cameo by a familiar face. Which Naruto Couple Is the Best at Parenting? 41. Er neigt dazu, sich sehr ordentlich und formell zu kleiden, oft gesehen in seiner Schuluniform oder einem Anzug. : [SPOILER] Soars... and Falls at a Critical Point in Vol. In Season 1, Episode 6, "Cross Heart Attack," Ginti is tasked with judging fangirl Mayu and idol Harada. Ginti presents a video of the stranger, refusing to give Mayu any other information on the man; however, fans of Death Note will see the similarities between the stranger and Light. Caitlin Sinclair Chappell is a features writer and junior editor for CBR. When Mayu is given the choice to send either Harada (her idol) or a complete stranger she’s never met to the Void, we can see the other person she has to choose from is actually Light Yagami from Death Note. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Furthermore, having Light appear makes sense in terms of both anime's narratives. Death Parade is about the humanoids who work in the "underworld." In Folge 11 Memento Mori. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The Irregular at Magic High School: The Yotsuba Step In With a CHILLING Ultimatum, My Hero Academia: What the War Arc's Finale Could Mean for the Series' Future. Chainsaw Man: Wait, Does Denji Have Two [SPOILERS] Now? 2) Those who remember the rules of Death Note will recall that since Light used the death note his soul is doomed to remain in purgatory (aka Quindecim) for eternity, as humans who use the death note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell. The world of Death Note already features death gods, so it wouldn't be surprising to learn there are other deathless beings who oversee the afterlife. Death Note's Light Yagami does not go to heaven or hell. on Ice's New Movie Teaser Revives Fans' Dashed Hopes, Tokyo Ghoul: Ghoul Cannibalism Is the Ultimate Twist of the Knife. Hab einfachmal nach Death Parade Light Yagami gegoogelt und die Szene gefunden. Since Ginti initially said that it was either the stranger or Harada who would go into the void, the stranger may have gotten a second chance with both Harada and Mayu taking his place. It has not been confirmed whether or not this was an intentional cameo; however, it seems unlikely that the studio would recreate one of their most recognizable characters on accident. She later moved to New York and worked for Forbidden Planet. Bewertung: 1 von 10 mit 962 Stimmen Light yagami in death parade? They also share the same height, weight and blood type. This means that both shows are more likely to take place in the same universe. Lights appearance in Quindecim makes sense for two reasons: 1) Both Death Note and Death Parade were produced by the same company, Madhouse. LexaKaras89 06.11.2019, 22:23. Along with that, when one goes over this unnamed character's bio, there are several similarities between him and Light.

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