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Essence, April 1974. Mary Seacole statue fund reaches 100,000 pounds. Notes on Mrs. Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole was born Mary Joan Grant in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 to a Creole mother and a Scottish father. An Anthem to Mary Seacole. The Daily Gleaner, February 5, 1938. As a result of Florence’s actions the hospital’s death rate decreased by 60%. After the war, Florence presented statistical data to Queen Victoria, which led to the establishment of Army sanitation standards, and Florence became the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society. However, the British Commander in Chief of the Crimea forces and the duke of Wellington and New Castle organised a four-day festival of music and gave her the proceeds. By Count Gletchen. Daily Gleaner, December 18, 1973, p. 3. By Anita King. Her mother, nicknamed “the Doctress”, kept a lodging house at East Street, Kingston where she nursed army officers and their families from Up Park Camp. By Cynthia Vernon. Mary Seacole, Part I: A Matter of Life… By Anita King. The Gleaner, July 13, 1993. Remembering Mary Seacole. Still newly-weds, they moved to Black River where they established a store; he died soon after, however. By Joanna Bogle. Letter concerning Mary Seacole. The Times, May 15, 1982. Mary so was caring, in fact, she became known amongst the soldiers as “Mother Seacole”. After the Crimean War ended in, Mary returned to London with very little money and in poor health. Jamaica Observer, February 11, 2004. By A. C. Whitehorne. All this from learning how to heal from her mother and the desire to help others. By J. V. Webb. Plaque Unveiling Ceremony and Display: Mary Seacole. The Last Will and Testament of Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole named greatest black Briton. Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole. Her mother, nicknamed “the Doctress”, kept a lodging house at East Street, Kingston where she nursed army officers and their families from Up Park Camp. By Lloyd Eubank-Green. Mary Seacole was born Mary Joan Grant in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 to a Creole mother and a Scottish father. Such activities were no doubt risky nevertheless she was devoted to her cause. Many soldiers were dying not only from war wounds, but also illnesses such as cholera and dysentery. She had a sister, Louisa, and a brother, Edward. Ice Cream Inspired by People and Places in the Past. Sunday Magazine, December 1, 1963, p. 12. By Beverley East. Mary Seacole, Part II: The Crimea. Institute of Jamaica, November 21, 2005. By J. V. Webb. While nursing has existed as a profession for thousands of years, it did not become a reputable career until the 19th century with the birth of modern nursing. The only known photograph of Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole bursary launched. Mary went on to marry a merchant with whom she spent most of her time nursing until he died less than a decade after their wedding. It was from her mother that she inherited her interest in nursing. 1-2. When Mary heard about the need for nurses in Turkey, she traveled to London and attempted to join Florence’s forces. Jamaica Information Service,. By Frank Cameron. Mary Seacole Memorial Association London celebrates 25th Anniversary. Sunday Gleaner, April 1. Seacole would set out carrying bags of lint, bandages, needles, thread and medicine accompanied by mules loaded with sandwiches and other food, wine and spirits, arriving on the battle-field at dawn. Mary Seacole was an intrepid, pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War. Seacole returned to London deeply in debt. Once there, Mary opened up a hotel that served as a place of refuge and healing for soldiers. The soldiers who knew her affectionately called her Mother Seacole. The Daily Gleaner, February 9, 1938. Search for Seacole artist. Then, her mother died, leaving Mary to take over her practice. 10-11. It took seven years for a stature of Mary to be erected in front of London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital because many Brits did not believe that a women who won an online poll at the greatest “Black Brittons” in 2004 should be recognized outside a hospital that had been established by Florence. Many people credit modern nursing to Florence Nightingale. Once there, Mary opened up a hotel that served as a place of refuge and healing for soldiers. Mary Seacole – hero of the Crimean War. Mary also worked on the front lines, sometimes under fire, to help the wounded. Name: Mary Jane Grant Seacole Mary Seacole- The First “Red Cross” Nurse. The soldiers who knew her affectionately called her Mother Seacole. Irena Sendler. Seacole called her Creole mother an “admirable doctress,” meaning a user of traditional herbal remedies. Due to their different racial backgrounds, her parents could not marry, but Seacole’s mother was more than the “Creole mistress” some historians have labeled her. This was during the period when many black people in the Caribbean were forced to work as slaves. Mary Seacole was born Mary Jane Grant to a Scottish soldier father and a nurse-entrepreneur mother. Mary Seacole – The Florence Nightingale of Jamaica. The Guardian, May 20, 1992. The soldiers who … She has now also gained fame by being the first woman let into Sebastopol. Our Mary marches on… Sunday Sun, March 14, 1982, p. 13. By Inez K. Sibley. Mary Seacole: A selected list of material in the National Library of Jamaica. New Mary Seacole Photograph supports UK Statue Appeal Fund. Consequently, she decided to go on her own and used the assets she had to build a facility (referred to as a mess table and the ‘British Hotel’) in the Crimea. Celebrate the work of a little known nurse heroine. The Times, February 16, 2009, p. 55. By Stuart Flitton. Yellow fever, a vicious viral disease that was prevalent in the Caribbean at the time, was a leading killer, and Seacole's mother probably learned the herbal remedies she used to treat that and other sicknesses through slave women whose medical expertise had been passed on from their Africa… Mary Seacole Honoured in London. In her own words: Seacole’s video true to her spirit. Although celebrated after her return to England and able to publish “The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands,” Mary struggled to support herself all the way to her death, and her legacy was forgotten until the 20th century. The Forgotten compassion of ‘Mother Seacole’. She did it her way. Exhibition on Mary Seacole. War soon found Florence when she and 38 women personally trained by her were sent to Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) in the middle of the Crimean War. Institute of Jamaica, November 21, 2005. In 1836, Seacole married Edwin Horatio Seacole, an invalid, who is said to have been the godson of British naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson. The story of her life is of an inspirational woman, a peerless model of self belief, triumph over prejudice and preconception who throughout her life, demonstrated determination and sheer strength of character. Mary Seacole: Mother of military men. Her mother, Mrs Grant, nicknamed "The Doctress", was a healer who used traditional Caribbean and African herbal remedies and ran Blundell Hall, a boarding house at 7 East Street, considered one of the best hotels in all of Kingston. The bust is a reproduction done by a Jamaican sculptor, Mr. Curtis Johnston, of the original one located at the Institute of Jamaica. Due to her parents’ different ethnic Florence rebelled against the wishes of her mother to became a mother and wife herself and instead decided to care for others as a nurse. The Observer, May 12, 2005, p. 22. Her arrival coincided with the cholera epidemic in that country. By Rita Monjardino. The Star, April 28, 1988, p. 10. Seacole’s mother also died later, leaving her to operate the nursing home in Kingston. Although Mary’s mother was black, her father James Grant was a white Scottish army officer and Mary was born a ‘free person’. The Caribbean Time, April 11, 1980. Reggae Portal – International Reggae Day 2020, JAMLIN – Jamaica Libraries & Information Network. Albert Wathey, from St. Maarten was a prominent politician of the Democratic Party, he was born on the beautiful island of St Maarten in 1926.

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