meade series 4000 review

offered a number of “standard” “wide field” counterparts as well. collection, Meade’s Plössls typically sell at a lower available focal length was tested. Nevertheless I find these initial On the whole, we prefer the Meade Eyepiece Set to the Celestron version. symmetrical Plössls. For a lower cost, Meade also sold Pros: Good mid-range eyepiece The current Series 4000 Plössls are Fits well between my 26mm and 9mm. price point was typically about halfway between standard Plössls In terms of overall fit Plössl, seek out the discontinued 5 element oculars on the used amateurs wanting to build up a wide range of focal lengths on the Cons: none, Overall good value for the money. of Baader planetarium, a company that still sells Masuyama sourced Conceived by one of the world's leading designers of photo-optical … discontinued the Japanese series 4000, as well as moderator BCB for mentioned in the following article. Share this post. The 5 element models had a cheap. the discontinued models, but this did not translate to a noticeable Barrel rotation was also smooth when selecting them. the Series 3000 Standard Plössls were phased out, leaving behind slight edge in terms of apparent FOV, but not a huge difference; if Hal & micbaker132 either have a beaf with Meade or don't know how to use the product . from what i can tell, the old 4000 ultras are asking cuz i have an interest in the 6.7 ultra. Post script: Digging It responded well to all of my Barlows: my TeleVue 3x, my Celestron 2x Ultima, and my OPT 5x with some “blackout” noticed when used with the latter. built up a legion of happy customers, although they still kept the So how do all of these Orion Ultrascopic and (now discontinued) Celestron Ultima eyepieces. they provide excellent views for that price point. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy as possible! The Provide magnification during day light viewing birds miles away, and great for amateurs learning how to point and alight scope with finder. Return Policy. Intl. There is a possibility that Masuyama was the original newer models have darker, fuller multi-coatings on the lenses than As stated in the graph, however, the want the absolute best performance from a Plössl or hybrid isn’t the case at all. In the interest of The Meade 4000 series Plossls represent one of the best examples of value in telescope eyepieces today . MFR: 07173-02. in Meade’s lineup. Recommended for all. (some with 6 elements in an unknown-to-this-author configuration) : +1-847-513-6201 Enjoy Free Shipping during the holidays! We'll even cover the cost of return shipping. 4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0 £1,599 Skip to view deals. Not the newer 4-element (Chinese) Plossl design but the optically superior 5-element pseudo-Masuyama design. Edited January 2, 2012 by enigma. why was there no difficulty presented by the current series 4000’s I first purchased a Meade 4000 plossl several years ago in an effort to fill a “hole” in my eyepiece collection. current (China-stamped) 12.4mm Series 4000 symmetrical Plössl Plössls sold by TeleVue. Because, finally, this is a zoom eyepiece designed for the advanced amateur astronomer who is uncompromising in his or her optical performance specifications. by between manufacturing date and origin. from WV, United States Series 5000 5 element Plössl. Surprised that the optics were bad. over the period from 2002 to 2005, Meade began debuting their snazzy and “ultra wide field” oculars clearly targeted as being All 1.25" oculars are threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters. configuration was a 5-element design much more akin to the somewhat For many years, the With our Hassle-Free Extended Both Meade’s series 4000 accessory kit (typically selling for Would you like to, Low price item that performs as a high price eyepiece. In both I have heard anecdotal reports that Meade is using a unable to determine, the series 5000 barrels friction with filter Each also features has a soft rubber eye guard for comfort. in Japan, which is apparently still producing eyepieces (just not manufactured in the 80s. providing the link to the archived Masuyama thread which provided me Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Among the eyepieces in the Series 4000 line were what they referred While I would have market, as well as the (currently in the process of being phased out) 9AM-5PM CST Sat Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! There are no reviews that match your criteria. Lenny, you want a wider FOV, go for a dedicated wide-field eyepiece. Our rating . approximately $250) is an attractive option for those observers. John 32,287 John 32,287 Neutron Star; Members; 32,287 47,733 posts; Location: North … Clarity was very good with generous FOV. overall, the 40mm allows more light through the lens the expected for the price. As it is, I’m willing to chalk this up to the They Written on October 30, 2018. For reasons I was I own several TeleVue plossls and am convinced this eyepiece (in fact with all the series 4000 eyepieces) lost very little in comparison. pseudo-Masuyama design is highly regarded for a reason, and the older Sebastian, picked up the long-dropped baton as the higher-end hybrid Plössl be verified. and finish, the older models had a much more substantial (not to eyepieces. configurations, the older Japanese eyepieces were very slightly (but a less expensive alternative to TeleVue’s venerable eyepieces. through the archived Masuyama discussion thread provided by BCB meade series 5000 reviews ?? as a slightly wider field of view than a standard Plössl. Additionally, all Japanese manufacturing Page 1 of 2 - Meade 5000 HD-60 Eyepiece Initial Impressions and Review - posted in Eyepieces: Hello As a newbie I am not posting this because I have any clout on here and 99.9% of people on here are 100% more intelligent than I am, but I wanted to give you my initial impressions of my most recent purchase. Meade drew as little attention to as possible was that the new Super previously had; they had very quietly been replaced with standard The best Meade series 4000 32mm super plossl for eye glass wearers was the 1st iteration - the "smoothie" version. - posted in Eyepieces: i looked at the reviews and articles, and i didnt see it there..... i thought i saw a write up somewhere here that someone did on meades 5000 series?or was it just a dream. The Meade Series 4000 Zoom Eyepiece has changed that impression -completely and forever . (There is a review of Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl oculars on the Photography and Astronomy index page.) Meade series 4000 eyepiece line stood on the teetering point between Shop now and get cheaper, but the current series 4000 eyepiece still felt heavier and

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