south american carnivorous plants

The tree is widely distributed throughout the region of Patagonia, and it has long been an integral part of the life and food culture of the indigenous Tehuelche people. Native to South America, maitén (Maytenus boaria) is an evergreen tree that belongs to the Celastraceae family, and its name is of Mapuche origin. In some regions, however, there are reports of carnivorous plants attacking spiders, frogs, and on rare occasions, even small birds. The dolphins often become tangled in the nets of fishermen and die. Types of carnivorous plants. Recently I've been looking into South American drosera species, and have found them super fascinating! The building of hydroelectric dams in South American rivers, pollution, the loss of habitat and decrease in food sources are all threats. European plant North America plant South American plant Asian plant African plant Surprising atypical plant and seeds Interesting plant Rare plant Amazing plant Tropical plant Insecticidal plant Carnivorous plant Aquatic plant Cactus seeds, succulent plant Edible plant and seeds Infusion plant Fruit plant Spice plant Nut plant Human activity is the main threat to the Amazon River dolphin. Carnivorous plants are known to digest mostly small insects such as ants, bees, beetles, and others. I have a small highland greenhouse built for my nepenthes, but also growing a variety of other plants inside, and I've heard that South American drosera would actually do quite well in a highland environment.

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