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*, Press J to jump to the feed. They typically prioritize JC students, then CSU and UC students. Before completing the following steps, J-1 students should discuss their plans with a BIO advisor. F-1 and J-1 Students planning to transfer from UC Berkeley to another school in the U.S. must follow an immigration transfer process through SEVIS in order to maintain valid immigration status. Fun fact: I still carry my UCSC student ID with me everyday, and I visit Santa Cruz once a month. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This form, and the transfer of your SEVIS record, does not end your enrollment at UC Berkeley. When I was admitted to UC Santa Cruz as a freshman, I decided to attend because of its beautiful location and stellar Literature and Sociology programs. After being admitted to a new school through the normal admissions process, international students must then request a transfer of their SEVIS record from the old school to the new school. We all know those majors that a tremendous amount of students want. Not to mention my grades dropped during my sophomore and junior year of high school. To view our privacy policy in full, click here. I didn’t do all these things solely with the intention of transferring (in fact, halfway through my freshman year, I thought transferring is an unrealistic possibility). See more dates & deadlines » Filling out the application Even though applying to UC is an exciting time in your life, it can also be daunting. What were your stats? My freshman and sophomore years at UC Santa Cruz were easily the best two years of my undergraduate career. A2A. Update to privacy policy and how we use cookies I was very convinced that I wouldn’t get accepted to anywhere else. Transfer admission eligibility. I recently contacted the admissions office @UCB and they said it’s really competitive but I’m willing to go the extra mile just to get in but idk where to start. But I decided it’s always better to take a leap of faith than wonder “what if” or “what could have been”. I did it because I was genuinely interested in it, and I wanted to pursue my passions. Also I’m still confused on what a DC is. Your best shot is to go to a junior college and transfer from there. Fall 2016 New Student Convocation Ceremony. Consult with international student advisers at both schools to make sure the F-1 or J-1 transfer is handled properly. Everyone knows UC Berkeley is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I chose to stay at UCSC. With few exceptions, the UCs prioritize accepting transfers from community colleges over those from Cal States or other UCs. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and have completed the equivalent of all required core UC Berkeley preparation courses (see to be eligible for admission. Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. This might not be what you’re looking for but it’s incredibly difficult to transfer UC to UC. When I received an email from the UCB admissions office, the first thing I thought was, “Let’s get this rejection over with.”. I do know so far is to get all my GE’s done by the end of my Sophomore year to get the letter for reciprocity, but where can I effectively check which lower level classes I need to complete to also get in to UCB as a CompSci Major. Transfer Courses For Reading & Composition (by Institution) This page is intended to assist transfer applicants from outside of the California Community College (CCC) system to find currently articulated courses from non-CCC institutions for the Reading and Composition (R&C) requirement. Probably not. All campuses are open for the fall term. But what about those applicants that are straddling the fence in terms of GPA, or maybe they haven’t fulfilled the major requirements for their initially desired major, or maybe they just want to get into their dream school? I am currently at ucsc, but want to transfer to either ucsd or berkeley. This might not be what you’re looking for but it’s incredibly difficult to transfer UC to UC. Lower priority is given to transfers from other UC campuses, other four-year institutions, international schools or non-California community colleges. Transfer to UC Berkeley from Another U.S. School. Before I knew it, right when I started getting called in for interviews, UC admission decisions rolled in. No partial credit is given. Because I always try to keep my promises, I went ahead and sent in some transfer applications during my second year. My first roommates became my best friends, and with their encouragement and support, I was constantly striving to become the best version of myself. UCSC is an amazing school don’t get me wrong but I don’t think it’s for me. Feel free to shoot me questions. These popular majors at all the UCs are also the most difficult to get into as it’s all about supply and demand. Requirements for Transfer to Public Universities; Transfer to UC; Meet With a University Representative; About UCs. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and did things I never thought I’d have the courage or capacity to do. When I logged into my Cal application portal, the first thing I saw was confetti. Then the word “Congratulations”. At UC Berkeley, the world’s premier public university, you can excel beyond, exchange ideas and, ultimately, change the world. UC Berkeley and UC Merced are on the semester system calendar while all other campuses are on the quarter system calendar. Enjoy your undergraduate life, don't stress too much over high grades - you'll stress more over at Berkeley imo, and just have fun at the beach. Some UC campuses accept Winter and Spring transfer applicants. While I was incredibly honored, it was hard for me to wrap my head around having to start a new life at a new school in the middle of my undergraduate career. I’m a first year proposed Computer Science major and I was wondering if anyone has succeeded in transferring to UCB with the same major. Students planning to transfer to the UC should become familiar with the requirements for admission, general education, major preparation and any selective major criteria.

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