uc berkeley graduation requirements

Graduate Office 201 Gilman Hall University of California Berkeley… Overall, students must complete 51 valid units of coursework to graduate. Specific course offerings vary each semester. All UC Berkeley applicants must meet University of California (link is external) (link is external) admission requirements: Freshman Requirements and Selection ; Transfer Requirements and Selection To count as a semester in residence, at least 6 passed units must be passed. For units to be considered in "residence," you must be registered in courses on the Berkeley campus (excluding courses taken through UC Extension) as a student in the College of Letters and Science. HKN also offers some helpful course guides. At least three of the five courses and at least two of the three writing courses must be taken at University of California, Berkeley. The exception applies to students who are receiving financial awards, such as Veterans Benefits, working as a GSI or GSR, or fellowships with specific unit requirements. For example, a course can count for American History, American Cultures, and one breadth requirement. You may explore majors through the Academic Guide. As of Fall 2020, no overlap is allowed between L&S minors. Can I satisfy degree requirements at another school? This overlap is also allowed between an L&S minor requirement and general education requirements. It is rare to find Essential Skills classes that count toward multiple general education areas. Minor: You can overlap up to one upper division (#100-199) course between a minor and a major. The College of Letters & Science awards the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) You must be approved for Concurrent Enrollment prior to taking courses at another institution while also enrolled in a Fall or Spring semester at UC Berkeley. University Requirements. See the overlap rules below: Seven-Course Breadth: One course can only apply to a single breadth requirement. If you are receiving federal loans or Haas scholarships and have questions about paying your fees, see the Financial Aid website or visit the Haas Financial Aid office. Undergraduate Graduation Requirement. The Full-Time MBA Program considers 8 units to be “full time” status. The Academic Progress Report will shuffle courses to different breadth requirements if needed, but if you would like to manually switch which breadth a course satisfies, you may fill out an APR Correction Form. Please refer to the current semester elective schedule for a list of active AI courses. Possibly! →, MBA 247 – Applied Data Analytics Project Course (Not currently being offered), MBA 265 – Influencing Consumers (Formerly titled Advertising Strategy) (Not currently being offered), MBA 280 – Real Estate Investment Analysis, MBA 290N – Managing The New Product Development Process, MBA 292C – Strategic and Sustainable Business Solutions (Formerly titled Strategic CSR and Projects), MBA292T – Equity Fluent Leadership: The Value of Inclusion & Diversity, MBA 292T – Design Thinking for Business Solutions to Create Social Impact: The Netherlands (Not currently being offered), MBA 292T – Design and Evaluation of Developmental Technologies (formerly titled Design, Evaluate & Scale Developmental Technologies), MBA 292T – Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund, MBA 295F or CS294– Lean Launchpad or Lean Transfer, MBA 298 – International Business Development. Can high school exam scores satisfy other GE requirements? Major/Minor requirements: You should consult your intended or declared major/minor adviser to determine if major/minor requirements may be taken elsewhere. This is not true of all undergraduate colleges at UC Berkeley, which is important to keep in mind if you plan to change colleges.

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