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F؞na��K��3�/�n)�zF��1�-#|ψ�0F��`�����=#�����gD\#�R0"���ƈ���=#�1".#�J.���)1^�ȿg5I��ٛ���U9^y����I-��RY�&�#)�f�M�S���K� ?�,� Last edited by Morgan Vien (ACEs Connection Staff) 11/28/188:49 AM. �&D1�{�=��|��Y�h�(�锝�o�,��q���+z�*��Z�?��Al�1��Z��&�)��`�b��P�X���@H@���a,K��4w�fc`���B���X� A two-sided flyer that outlines the basics of asexuality and explores different identities under the ace umbrella. h�̛ko\�����|LP�h�NE �n#u��4眍���J"ԱI.���Y$G3�X��@ako/�����6˦-��Ms�����~���e��������iy�sٴ� N-�&d�l��_nY69���6�i��o�g�����hz'� d�T�k����b �5JUm��&��a�'',S����/EO;է,��K _�����/�H͑[�XN-J���%WA����k��|]J����5���3/��m ��4R���4GMZ�c�5�o`�T(1Gf������L]��F�Q����T�9ZY6��ѓG�}}���:�~��ͧGO��O����8{����=�����Y�:����? The term Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) refers to a range of events that a child can experience, which leads to stress and can result in trauma and chronic stress responses. h�bbd```b``�"����d���u �� Dr/�� ���$c�_�fH��L�Lc�I�m�H�|0[DJʁ� �Q��]D2�H�/`YM�H /X�X�D�= ��A��z�d��P�J#ج��"n`��`���,"�A!�'�!0���md`% ���G�a��>�8w4����n? h��YkO�:�+�V���v�*$�.�Тn[ڋ���uɢlh˿�9ΆW������Z%�؞���{*�B Understanding ACEs Webinar. endstream endobj startxref ?���Օ��]x����O����7����������������N_l�.ޜ��O~�8=�1k�=}����K5I����|�ݳ�;:~t����c�q���f��Zk�����d��瓗����n������sa����}P�����o'/���ۋ�ڿO��8}uuv���Gߟ�rvyu��'�^��t����ׯ_��&�f�s\>�H?=~����j��m���_�����զ8w��7��w��˓_.7ю�/���~�D;�6~�:4�֠_��v���O�?������^u���ot������vz��_���?�}q�����.N���:WOՏ�e9zzu�����W������Sk�g���/��w,&�j�hr��l���髟�a&�"��>yv��hn�ѓ�.ˍ�`. �k�3���1�z6��OXɞ�y�-�r��_]��Yt �#��o�{a�:wy�iD��eONd�Mkҡ����o��Uj�P}�����&1dF�B�~޳�lH���y\�cv �d?� �P^�k?���"���S��"�nm���dy�BA#�;�/�j��q#�A����W�a�Mvw�K�^:�O�s���*,��X8v���x�8K7�������|Y���6w�����.w��I�פ��? 0 Even though some experiences increase risk of health problems, there are other experiences that protect health. This toxic stress may prevent child from learning, from playing in a healthy way with other children, and can result in long-term health problems. 19.31 MB. Incorporate an understanding of ACEs and adaptive responses to environmental circumstances to modify your work with youth; Become aware of your personal perceptions and beliefs so your work with young people does not add to their traumatic experiences; Your Trainer. 16 0 obj <> endobj Asexuality 101. 297 0 obj <>stream �����۴��yn�د �Y^l3�pV�'7b�t�4��m#0�;1��M��܀�3��|0���"{B��C�F�Oy��1���2�)O����,hA��xj�>�8�p��Nv]���B)�Pg��f>��E?W�2�}�#�6wI��ޚ�1��\�n�w?�#XD�ͭ��ˑx3G���w��k�����D ?H�˔x3S�����J��.,�bc~\�ײ:��)eY|��BQ������y��E�gC��^� ($C�В5����y��-Pܣ���X/��@��1o������Y� �Q)�){��^�k��9w6�{ՍGf0+��Ey�fp��m��7w����sL�zvV4e=��p�n��g����Q9�{�\�tf�׮#H�1����a��`@b�h���o�� �$a�힟V�tV�swh�7�I�N�� �~&.���� �v=�€� ��s ��a���g�]#�R0���pc�] Download. ACEs are serious childhood traumas -- a list is shown below -- that result in toxic stress that can harm a child's brain. ���9pЬ Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff) 2/5/152:57 PM. ��Q(��̅�Qh)��O%��Fz}� H�l�K�&��� The ACE Study and other research using the study’s framework have taught us that ACEs are the leading cause of health and social problems in our nation and the most powerful determinant of the public’s health. Download this document. 195 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2674A2E47A04A1429134F5613D184D97><393803E2B2404E47A8985C25457F3843>]/Index[16 282]/Info 15 0 R/Length 517/Prev 1144063/Root 17 0 R/Size 298/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream @ˈ�����:yxYk��߽�:�Sa�1�R���e"S’�� at �M�gH��A�)�^xR�>B�Nz�Lo�}��6K�-tĹ6/Ém��xp5B��/����=�Fh������j���9"�,� �ù[�9h�SύЍ���f�����A���硄g��Jds�*h�\=��&�E�I�o�P��Gdgt Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff) 10/10/187:15 AM. Fight or Flight Grounding techniques Handout. What are ACEs? We are excited to share two handouts which can … Toxic stress may prevent a child from learning or playing ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES INCREASE THE RISK OF: Adverse Childhood Experiences Heart Disease Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Resilience Adversity Is Not Destiny. Asexual Spectrum Diversity & Ace (Un)Assailablility . What are ACEs? !��W�4� ���:*�` �9b Please see the main post for these parent handouts in the ACEs Connection Resources Center.

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