ungava canadian gin review

I first mixed it with some 1724 tonic. I mixed it up in a Negroni, and you get a nice bit of juniper and bitterness here, but the finish is slightly different than expected: a bit of tart berry and floral notes come out at the end. Yet to taste. Cheers to the Inuit legacy in this bottle! This is a barren part of the world and not the sort of terrain from which gin would be produced, one would suspect. Recently had to settle for Hendricks, because the state liquor store was out of Ungava. And the go all the way to the obscure such as the Bakeapple or Labrador Tea. Brilliant! The beverage has a lovely golden tone to it. Ungava is from the north of the province of Ontario, where the Inuit live. Ungava Dry gin is made in Quebec, Canada. Very nice. The color may surprise, but the nose feels very classic. This is a barren part of the world and not the sort of terrain from which gin would be produced, one would suspect. A premium gin (although do shop around as we’ve noticed prices do vary), Ungava Gin comes from the Ungava Spirits Co. based in Cowansville, Quebec. A lot of tart/semi-sweet fruits in here. The martini again shows a slightly different side of this gin: the citrusy tang comes out a bit, berries and sharpness compliment the herbal notes of Vermouth very nicely. You must try this unique beverage. Bought a bottle at the duty free shop at Schiphol/Amsterdam airport. These hand-picked botanicals include Nordic Juniper, Arctic Blend, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Labrado Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). The tonic really emphasizes the bitter notes of the Ungava. The color out of the bottle is an almost otherwordly shade of sun-kissed yellow. This tart berry grows in only very small quantities in its native range. Let’s get on to the taste. The base spirit is local corn and the six arctic botanicals range from the relatively common— Rosehips for example. Very good product. Our Ungava Gin review finds a very distinctive, drinkable and crisp yellow gin packed full of Canadian goodness. The obscure flavors and ingredients will leave you wondering, “just what is that flavor?” and reaching for more traditional supports “is that coriander?” But its mixability and unique color will probably have you reaching for it again. These botanicals are handpicked during their peak season and imparted in two passes: once before distillation, and again afterwards via infusion, hence the color. It can be a lot closer to vodka than the craft gins I’ve been enjoying on Vancouver Island. Labrador tea is a flowering bog plant with white poofy flowers also used as a tea by the Inuit. This article originally appeared on cocktailenthusiast.com. Passed through Iceland yesterday for a business meeting and bought a bottle. €30 for 1l bottle. … Slosh a bit of Vermouth in and a very nice Martini is conjured up. There’s a tangy earthiness that billows here underneath the surface buoyed by a slight touch of green tea leaves, flower imbued tea blend and tart berry. Well done Canada! The taste is uncomparable. Could that be the Cloudberry? That electric neon yellow color. 88points Ungava Canadian Premium Gin A surprising bright daffodil yellow, this arctic-inspired gin has a light feel and a relatively neutral aroma and flavor. Lots of personality when mixed in proper cocktails. Also yet to try. Can stand up to any one on the market. But luckily for us, the hardy folk that live there have garnered enough local botanicals to produce Ungava gin. The first thing that anyone will notice about Ungava Gin is that color. Ungava is a very intriguing Canadian Gin, made using six rare, botanicals which bestow upon it a distinctive flavour profile and the natural, vibrant colour. Ungava is North of the Province of Québec, not Ontario. Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is adored for its pink grapefruit, fruit, sweet and tea flavor notes. Loved it and will buy again, The most smooth gin I have ever had. Canadian Gin. That electric neon yellow color. But luckily for us, the hardy folk that live there have garnered enough local botanicals to produce Ungava gin. They are proud to infuse their gin with six herbs indigenous to the territory and handpicked during the "fleeting" summer months. Surprisingly, no this isn’t a bottle of Suze. I bought a bottle in the Maldives of all places and it now resides with me in the UK – it has become truly international! The nose is sweet with juniper and an undefinable hint of Canadian botanicals. Well done. Based on 29 votes, the average rating for Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is 5.8/10. I used to live in the Western Arctic for a about 5 years and all the plants are familiar to me… I have harvested them all while some kept watch for Grizzly Bears… the smell and the taste takes me back to my time in the North out fishing and living on the land picking berries and hunting caribou…I’ve cooked with these berries, made jam and tea… and cured many a cold with Labrador Tea and wild cranberry… Its my Gin of choice nothing compares…. The nose is a rather traditional from the start, but with a distinct ethanol edge. What about yellow lemonade with a dash of simple syurp? The finish is medium length with a mostly warm astringency and a hint of juniper and pine again. Ungava gin hails from the north of Quebec, the Ungava peninsula to be precise. It sells for $35 in Ontario. Each bottle labelled and numbered. Great drink! Mix a little with some vodka (Smirnoff) on the rocks. despite controversy over its use of Inuit, latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin. The colour may be off putting, but the taste of the northern berries is terrific. Purchased my bottle because the colour caught my eye, then when I saw the name and the botanicals, I could not wait to sample. Gin Reviews Citrus notes come out and the bitter hints are there as is the dry side. I bought it in a duty free to drink while overseas – the only advantage is I am drinking less gin than usual!! Seemed a fitting backdrop for this gin. Worse problems exist, but still…. It mixes nicely in cocktails and the color actually adds a stunning touch to many of your standard cocktails (like the Alexander for example…) I suppose the TL;DR of it is that it’s unique and well made, combining surprising techniques into an eye-catching gin that spans taste preferences.

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