uwell nunchaku 2 review

Factory settings: restore mod to factory settings. If you told me that Uwell – makers of the legendary Crown tanks, and the stellar Valyrian sub-ohm monster – was going to make a Vape Mod, I would have expected a standard, dual-18650 device.But, knowing how creative the company is, I shouldn’t be surprised that its first entry is a unique, single-battery stick mod – the Uwell Nunchaku. The fire button has a textured finish and responds quickly with a satisfying click! My name is Michelle - I am 45 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. Firstly I used a 21700 battery – Vapcell 3750mAh – I got 6.5 hours vaping at 50W with the 0.2ohm coil. If using 21700 or 20700 no adaptor is required. You only have to look at it to get a sense of the quality. The flavour is exactly the same as when I first used the coil! You can hear the crackle of the e-liquid, the vapour production is even better than with the 0.2ohm coil. The only bad thing for me is the missing stealth display option, kinda bugs me the display is staying lit after each fire. The mod is solid and does everything you ask of it. So now you can still use a 18650 (with included adaptor sleeve) or 21700/20700 batteries. I found it hard to grip the cap on the original tank sometimes so this is a lot better. The mod will then ask for the power level required, tilt to adjust and press fire to confirm. If first fill or a new coil leave to stand for 10-15 minutes before vaping to prevent a dry hit and knackering your coil! The original only allowed the use of 18650 batteries which did limit battery life a lot. Uwell have finally released the vape pen that we’ve been waiting for: the Nunchaku 2. Hong Kongwholesale@cometovape.comTel: 24756680(Hong Kong) or 91606918(Hong Kong). Unknown to the battalion a few years ago, Uwell was successful with the Nunchaku kit. Bigger With More Power - A New Tank and No Buttons - So What's That Tilt Feature All About? Between 50 and 55W the flavour is immense. Really nice review. 2020 Battery and PerformanceOne great thing of the Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 vape mod pod kit is the compatibility it has with the common batteries that are utilized in vaping with the 20700, the 18650, as well as the 21700. At 50W I have to say I am happy! It is like drinking your e-liquid. Did not test the tank yet. This is designed for sub ohm DTL vapers with 2 coil options. Vaporesso Forz TX80 Review – A Sexy Shockproof Set-Up! I lent it to a friend and some thieving arse pinched the black tank and the mod he was using it on too. This mod is not going to be much use for people who want a 10 hour battery life or use at 80W or more – but with the included tank or attys below 60W I think you will be really pleased with the Nunchaku 2 mod. It is rare for a tank to manage the airflow correctly to give masses of vapour whilst not losing flavour by diluting it with the airflow. As mentioned you can use different battery types in this mod. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I did plug a charger cable into this to test and it worked fine no wobbly connections. The change in battery also means the output is higher with the 21700 at 100W whereas the original Nunchaku kit was a maximum 80W output. I will admit that I am a mainly MTL vaper at the moment rocking nicotine salts, so some of the sub ohm tanks do blow my lungs out! The packaging as usual looks super classy. If the single battery mod idea disgusts you – consider using the Nunchaku 2 tank on a dual battery mod – at only 50W you will have epic battery life! Other than that the mod kept the power stable. When fully charged the battery icon will show full bars on the display. Build quality is great. 18650 and 21700 batteries fit snugly with zero rattle and the threads are clean and smooth. cometovape. Coil replacement is just as simple as it can be. Today, the Uwell Nunchaku 2 review will provide and discuss all the detail of this vape kit and help our users for further decision-making. This is a slightly “fiercer” vape – if that makes sense? The pod system’s coils themselves generate flavors that few of the vapers aren’t aware of at all. Add e-liquid through the filling port and watch the level through the tank glass. The original only allowed the use of 18650 batteries which did limit battery life a lot. I prefer this coil at 50W because I am a total girly wuss. If using a 18650 battery you will need to install the adaptor. I like the larger screen and it is laid out really well. Uwell Nunchaku 2 Kit Review – A Class Act!! As you no longer get adjustment buttons you simply press the fire button 3 times to enter the menu and twist or tilt the mod for the up and down adjustments. The all new Uwell Nunchaku 2 … Press fire button to confirm. Incidentally and for those not bought up on a diet of Kung Fu films, the name of the device comes from the shape of the handle on those Nunchaku martial arts weapons . Also the added bonus is this feels so robust, if I dropped it I would be checking the surface it landed on for damage rather than the mod. I took it today as well. There is no branding on the front of the mod there is just the single fire button and the clear screen which is slightly bigger than the original model. There is a slight shoulder taper on the top of the mod so a 25mm tank should be the largest you can use to fit with this taper. One can also put the pod on a on MTL or on cloud chaser tank for getting very easy vape. I started really low at 35W and moved up to 50W. I used a known “coil friendly” e-liquid and so far have refilled 10 times (approx 40-45ml – 4ml ish per refill as there is a minimum level) with the 0.2ohm coil. The 510 connector threads are part of the mod top so no chance of the 510 connector coming out of the mod with your tank. The flavors are the purest and are exquisite.The above article discussed how the Uwell Nunchaku 2 vape kit is. Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit review. One issue I did find is that when you try to remove a coil there isn’t much to grip on to. So unscrew and remove. This coil has a Stainless Steel 316L mesh heating element which means you can use this coil with Temperature Control. Thankfully the shiny battery cap does give some reference to the tank finish. Thank you. On the rear of the mod is an etched style branding with Nunchaku 2 and Uwell written – this is still super classy and not at all garish. Make a note of the plus and minus polarity markings and install the new battery correctly. I swapped between the Nunchaku 2 and Horizon Falcon 2 tank using the Nunchaku 2 and Smoant Naboo mods. Available in Silver, Black, Blue, Iridescent. Oh and the clouds were no disappointment either – wow this is a lovely lovely coil. In fact this was too fast for me some times and you end up having to zoom through and then fine tune with single tilt/twist movements.

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