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OBSERVATIONS AND RESULTS Since binders exhibit viscosity over wide ranges, it is necessary to use different methods. 220 Min. Higher the duration of flow greater is the viscosity. In the third revision in 2006 grading of bitumen was changed from penetration grade to viscosity grade. Privacy Policy | Problems The viscosity of bituminous material is ____________. READY MIXED CONCRETE – WHAT INFORMATION TO BE SUPPLIED BY THE PRODUCER? HOW TO INCREASE REPETITION VALUE OF PLYWOOD? Although Asphalt Institute vacuum viscometer and Modified Koppers vacuum viscometer can also be used, the following refers to Cannon-Manning vacuum viscometer only. Note: Kinematic viscosity at 135 C also needs to be determined for the paving bitumen as specified in IS: 73-2006. Sir Find out more about viscosity testing here. iv. Follow IS: 1206 (Part III) Methods for Testing Tar and Bituminous Materials: Determination of Kinematic Viscosity, to select the proper viscometer tube given in there. 220 Min. Viscosity Grade bitumen is specified by ASTM Standard D3381-09 and AASHTO M226-80 (2008). You can follow me on Instagram. ASTM D88-07: Standard test method for Saybolt viscosity; ASTM D7496-11: Standard test method for viscosity of emulsified asphalt by Saybolt Furol Viscometer. 5 WHYs YOU SHOULD KNOW, SPLITTING TENSILE STRENGTH TEST OF CONCRETE (IS-516). there are no +- limits are give in IS code for cannon manning viscometer tube. IS: 1206 (Part 2)– Method for Testing Tar and Bitumen Materials: Determination of Absolute Viscosity COURTESY: HEICOIN. In General Specification for Civil Engineering Works (1992 Edition),it specifies the temperature requirements for bituminous material during and after mixing. Your email address will not be published. After each reading the bitumen should be completely dried out of receiving flask. The silicon fluid required depends on the bath volume you are using, It is required that the liquid level in the bath should be kept about 25mm lower as when temperature rise the silicon fluid owing to high viscosity swells, Please select lowest viscosity oil (of about 50CsT) for least expansion on higher temperatures. The receiving flask should be placed in such a manner that the bitumen stream from jet strikes the neck of receiving flask and do not cause any foaming. Single user licence only. We have two methods of grading: Standard Viscosity Grade Bitumen (AC-Grades), in which the Viscosity of the standard bitumen (asphalt) is measured at 60 ºC (140 ºF). IS: 1206 (Part 2) – Method for Testing Tar and Bitumen Materials: Determination of Absolute Viscosity. Licenced to: Mr Robert Vos. Furol viscosity is a specific test which is only used for the measurement of liquid bituminous materials. The viscosity of bituminous binders falls down very rapidly as the temperature rises. 10.6 Viscosity Test of Bitumen 10.6.1 Introduction Viscosity is reverse of fluidity. Again, rotational viscometer cannot be used to measure the absolute viscosity at 60 C. Geotechnical-Material Engineer. Try them out carefully before buying them. CODE OF REFERENCE. Viscosity grading is based on a fundamental, scientific viscosity test, which is conducted at 60 ˚C (near the maximum pavement temperature during summer) and its measurement unit is poise. The following testing equipment is needed to measure absolute viscosity of viscosity graded paving bitumen (IS:73-2006) at 60 C in accordance with IS:1206 (Part 2) (similar to ASTM D 2171), which uses a vacuum capillary viscometer. While connecting vaccum pump for pressure 300 HG, need to remove cork on adjacent side large dia tube, if need to remove when it.. The bitumen viscosity is determined by viscometer as per IS code 1206. ASTM D88-07: Standard test method for Saybolt viscosity; ASTM D7496-11: Standard test method for viscosity of emulsified asphalt by Saybolt Furol Viscometer. 100) and 75 μm (no. 7 FACTORS INFLUENCING REBOUND HAMMER TEST OF CONCRETE. 250 Min. The viscosity should fall within range. APPARATUS USED. Filter Funnel- It is equipped with interchangeable 150 μm (no. only two lower bulbs are to be accounted for. 2400 Min. As an alternate, one can also use a rotational viscometer which will also give the same results because the bitumen is Newtonian in nature at 135 C. The purchase and use of rotational viscometer is encouraged because it can also be used for modified binders and also for Superpave Performance Graded (PG) binders, which are expected to be adopted in the near future. It is mixed well; the sample is removed from the water bath and the sample is strained through 75 μ wire cloth in the filter funnel directly into the viscometer till the level is such that it I about to overflow. The bitumen binders of low viscosity, simply lubricate the aggregate The timer is stopped as soon as the oil meniscus reached the graduation mask on the receiving flask. The viscosity test is conducted to determine viscosity of a fluid which is the property by which it offers resistance to flow. The viscosity test is performed to find the fluidity of bitumen. 17C or 17F for tests at (77, Water Bath- Capable of maintaining the required testing temperature within the specified limit. It is the time required for 60 ml of oil to flow through a calibrated tube at a controlled temperature. In the first revision, the grades of fluxed native asphalt were deleted and essentially the paving grades were introduced. Establish a vacuum of 30 +/- 0.05 cm of mercury in the vacuum system and connect to the viscometer with the valve closed. VG Bitumen specifications cover by Viscosity at 60 ̊C (140 °F). The cork is then removed from viscometer and the timer is started. Pour the hot bitumen in the Canning-Manning vacuum viscometer through the larger diameter filling tube A so that bitumen is within +/- 2 mm of the fill line E. Place the charged viscometer in an oven or bath maintained at 135 +/- 5.5 C for a period of 10 +/- 2 minutes to allow larger air bubbles to escape. AASHTO T72, “Standard Method of test for Saybolt Viscosity”, 2005. BITUMEN SAFETY CODE SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS OF DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION, INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE OF BITUMEN MANUFACTURE, BLENDING, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION, PRODUCT HANDLING AND USE, AND SAMPLING Model Code of Safe Practice in the Petroleum Industry Part 11. The receiving flask is checked to be in correct position. What is the reason behind this? Bitumen Tests with IS Codes. In the above the their is three bulb in the tube. This test is carried Out to determine the viscosity of bitumen and tar which remain fluid under the specified temperature of the test. Binders having very low viscosity can be advantageously used in exceptionally cold weather conditions. Calculate (Pic-6) and report the absolute viscosity in poises to three significant figures as follows: K = Calibration factor in poise per second supplied with the viscometer tube for the pair of timing marks where the flow time exceeded 60 seconds. 3200 Kinematic Viscosity at 135°C, cSt 1206 (Part 3) Min. To determine the viscosity of bituminous material. The viscosity of bitumen and tar in road construction practice is based on the arbitrary test result obtain With orifice type viscometer. The viscosity affects the ability of binder to spread, move into and fill up the voids between aggregates. The Saybolt Universal Second (S.U.S) is a measure of kinematic viscosity. The determination of time of flow of binder through the orifice gives an indirect measure of viscosity of tars and cutbacks. i. The ability of bitumen spreading over the pavement area is known as the fluidity of bitumen. Viscometer- A Saybolt Furol Viscometer. 100) and 75 μm (no. VISCOSITY TEST FOR BITUMEN PRESENTED BY:AMRIT PANDIT ACEM/069/A/005 KATHMANDU, NEPAL 2. 220 Min. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You can list yourself here by submitting civil engineering related topics to us. 200) wire cloth. ii. Binder which are highly viscous may not fill up the voids completely thereby resulting in poor density of the mix. CODE OF REFERENCE. 220 Higher the viscosity, the slower will be the movement of liquid. Influence of Temperature on The Viscosity of Bitumen BITUMEN (VISCOSITY GRADES) TEST BIS METHOD SPECIFICATION VG10 VG20 VG30 VG40 Absolute Viscosity at 60°C, Poises 1206 (Part 2) Min. Fig 1: Saybolt Viscometer You should not use cork on any limb in Cannon Manning viscometer as if you use cork on any limb owing to vapour pressure generation at 135°C the rheology will automatically start in viscometer, for releasing air entrapped keep the viscometer at 135°C in an oven for 10 minutes and than put it in water/oil bath for 30 minute at a temperature of 60°C±0.1°C, apply vacuum and than take the time taken in filling in each bulb.

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