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Produkt niedostępny oznacza, iż nie jest on w tej chwili dostępny w magazynie naszego sklepu. Designing our WA-251 to sound like the classic ‘251 was no easy task, especially since some of the vintage components are no longer manufactured or available. WA73. Newer / Older. The o-ring and housing of the WA-12-B-60V are all made from brass (no teflon parts), and the diaphragm is 24k gold sputtered 6 micron, NOS PET film (mylar). "I just got the WA-251. One component of a tube microphone that is often overlooked is the 7 pin cable that connects the microphone to its power supply. The cradle uses a toggle latch-type mechanism, which holds the microphone firmly. The Warm Audio WA-251 is a faithful replica of the classic ’251-style large-diaphragm condenser microphone. SKLEP STACJONARNY Magazyn naszego sklepu przy ulicy Wiktorskiej: Produkt dostępny oznacza, iż jest on do natychmiastowego odbioru w naszym sklepie. Mastering Essentials Part 3 - How loud should I master? A great–sounding microphone with tight lows, smooth, open highs, and a nice off-axis sound. Very affordable large–diaphragm, multi-pattern valve microphone. Newer / Older. It sat well in the mix without me having to overly EQ or process the results. I am looking to simply mic vocals and guitar/bass amps. The ‘251 is considered one of the best sounding microphones ever made, featured on many classic hits from the 60’s. WA-84 Premium Stereo Package. The WA‑251 is one of the more expensive microphones in the WA collection, and I have to say that I'd expect a microphone that costs the best part of a grand to have a more expensive look and feel, even if it is £9000 cheaper than the microphone it is replicating. The GA-251 is about $1000£600 more expensive, however. Good day I am doing some mic shopping, I want a mic that is versatile. Recording A Rock Snare Drum Using A Blend Of Three Microphones - Free Tutorial. Photo: Matty MoonI will often use room mics when recording drums; I find that blending in a mono room mic can help create some 'air' around the kick and snare in the centre of the mix, and glue the drum sound together. Recording A Rock Snare Drum Using A Blend Of Three Microphones - Free Tutorial. The WA-251 was created to offer a classic microphone design to a new generation of recording artists at an affordable price. There are a handful of microphones in our mic locker that I love on vocals, and I was very keen to try the WA–251 against my favourites. When auditioning the WA-251 and other tube microphones we learned quite a bit about 7 pin cables and how the shielding and wire gauge size can drastically change the sonics of a tube microphone. Direct Boxes. This particular female vocalist had quite a lot of 10kHz in her voice, which did mean that the WA–251 sounded a touch more sibilant than the other two mics, and seemed to accentuate an occasional 'whistle' in her voice, but on the male vocalist, the WA–251 really shone. The top end was bright, yet very smooth without exaggerating sibilance. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? - Slightly awkward clip on WA-251 shockmount Two more winners from Warm Audio, representing finely crafted replicas of classic designs. So if Warm Audio have made it possible for us to experience its qualities for a fraction of the price, their WA‑251 will have an unbeatable USP! First impressions can be important in making clients feel comfortable. categories: Shootout, Microphone. Sylvia Massy records Timberline Express at Studio Devine with the WA-251 and WA-47 Tube Microphones by Warm Audio. WA-84. The WA-251 is more versatile if a little less gorgeous than the more expensive GA-251, while the WA-84 is closer in design to the KM 84 … The WA–251 again did an excellent job. After decades of silence, the Telefunken brand was reborn in the 1990s, and today they manufacture a faithful reissue of the original ELA M 251E. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Jet Phaser. Zobacz inne Mikrofony, najtańsze i najlepsze oferty, opinie. Trusted content from independent music and … Includes: Microphone, wood box, PSU, Shock-mount and Gotham cable. Snare Mic Shoot Out - 30 Different Microphones - Which Do You Prefer? The WA–251 sounded lovely as a vocal mic: the low end was full but with clarity and the presence gently pulled the vocal forwards in a nice, natural-sounding way, as well as adding a little 'air'. Niedawno do oferty dołączył WA 251, wzorowany na cenionym mikrofonie z końca lat 50-ych Telefunken ELA M 251… Warm Audio Wa-47 or Wa-251. It is smooth and rich, performed well in my tests and it stood up well against far more expensive microphones. I am putting it up against killer mics and nothing is better and probably not as good. This, in turn, contains the microphone (in a wooden case), power supply, shockmount and seven-pin XLR cable. Projektom Warm Audio przyświeca idea tworzenia produktów jak najwierniej oddających oryginały, jednak przy kilkukrotnie niższej w stosunku do nich cenie.

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