where does alder wood come from

What Average Teak Wood Price You Can Expect From Your Manufacturer? However, cabinet makers do not opt for this wood due to the many finishing techniques this wood calls for, making it expensive than its peers. Alder roots are parasitized by northern groundcone. sinuata (A. sinuata, Sitka Alder or Slide Alder), characteristically pioneer fresh, gravelly sites at the foot of retreating glaciers. For example, in the television series Northern Exposure season 3 episode "Things Become Extinct" (1992), Native American Ira Wingfeather makes duck flutes out of alder tree branches while Ed Chigliak films. In fact, if you do choose to go with Alder flooring, you should take a lot of care to maintain it well. When Alder is used for moldings, barely any cracks, knots or splits can be seen. Green Alder Wood. Of course, it can be used for moldings because of its ability to be naturally straight. Red alder stands have been found to supply between 120 and 290 pounds of nitrogen per acre (130 to 320 kg per ha) annually to the soil. Today, it is known to be among the softest type of hardwood, so its position as a hardwood is undeniable. To retain the natural color of Alder wood, only a little stain should be applied for a brief time because the longer it stays on the wood surface, the darker it will cause the wood to grow. "slot_uuid":"da811cd1-ebcc-4644-a4f4-83121f67d703" The catkins of some alder species have a degree of edibility,[8] and may be rich in protein. This genus consists of around 35 species of monoecious trees (trees that have both male and female reproductive organs), all over the North Temperate Zone, with some seen in Central America, and north and south Andes. This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. aax_getad_mpb({ Recent clinical studies have verified that red alder contains betulin and lupeol, compounds shown to be effective against a variety of tumors. A relatively small tree, reaching about 50ft in height and producing a trunk in diameter up to 15". Its overall grain pattern is similar to Birch. It has a high resistance to shock, making it good for staining. Even though it is considered a hard wood it is one of the softest of all the hardwoods and is sometimes called a semi-hardwood. Features and Common Uses, 10 DIY Wood Stains That are Homemade Easily. Alder bark and wood (like oak and sweet chestnut) contain tannin and are traditionally used to tan leather. Since the diameter of these trees is small, the board widths are narrow. A North American type of hardwood, Alder is generally grown between Alaska and California. Birch is no different from Alder as it too quickly rots and decays when exposed to adverse weather. Alder wood grew popular by being considered as the “poor man’s cherry” or as an inexpensive alternative to Cherry wood. Applications: Alder’s chief characteristic of having a uniform texture, color and elasticity makes it a popular choice of wood in the furniture and flooring industries, particularly if one is looking for beautiful hardwood flooring. It usually grows to a height of 90 feet. So, if you plan to make cabinets or drawers out of alder, read on to find out more. It holds screws and nails well and presents a good gluing surface. Is Alder a Hardwood? Instead, it can be successfully used for flooring material in living rooms, bedrooms and dens. Grain: European Alder has an even and fine grain with closed pores. In the Pacific Northwest of North America, the white alder (Alnus rhombifolia) unlike other northwest alders, has an affinity for warm, dry climates, where it grows along watercourses, such as along the lower Columbia River east of the Cascades and the Snake River, including Hells Canyon. Alder, in turn, provides the bacterium with sugars, which it produces through photosynthesis. The catkins of some alder species have a degree of edibility, and may be rich in protein. They are used to make cabinets, other types of furniture and electric guitars.

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