Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get boudoir photos?

Boudoir photography is essentially the new “glamour shot”. It’s your time to be liberated; to show off your beauty, sensuality, and pride. The days of boudoir, sensual and/or nude photography being taboo are over. Boudoir photos make excellent wedding and anniversary gifts, and are also great for the husband or partner who frequently travels. It’s also a great way to celebrate recent weight loss or body enhancement!

Where is your studio? Is it for rent to photographers?

Black Label Studio is located in Oregon City, next to the Hilltop Movie Theater in the Red Soils Business center. You’ll have to see to believe how we transformed a warehouse! We have three main sets, which you can see on The Studio page.

No, it is not available for rental. This keeps the imagery exclusive.

Why should I subscribe?

Subscribing to “The List” grants you exclusive access to “the inner sanctum” of Double L Photography, which means you will:

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Do I have to get naked?

No, you do not have to get naked.

You may wear as much or as little clothing as you want to. If booking a boudoir session, this typically means your outfit will consist of lingerie and/or less. Nudity can enhance boudoir photographs, and sometimes it can’t. But it is never necessary to create a beautiful image.

During the pre-shoot consultation, I will ask once if you’re going to want to incorporate nudity into the shoot. If you say no, that’s it. I will never encourage or push nudity if you’re not interested. 


Will you put my images in your portfolio?

Only if you allow me to. If you notice, most all of the imagery on this site is of models. There’s a reason for that: many of my clients have requested privacy of their images. This will be discussed during your consultation. Your privacy is a top concern, so if you don’t want certain images used, I will honor that request and use only those you’re comfortable with! And if you don’t want me to use any, I won’t! There is no penalty for not releasing your images for use in my portfolio either!


I don’t take good pictures…

That’s why you’re hiring us!

Don’t fret about being nervous in front of the camera! Believe it or not when I’ve been photographed, I’m nervous too!

Leading up to the shoot we will create a Pinterest board where we find and share inspiring ideas for our shoot, so you’ll be better prepared. During the session, we’re probably going to make you jump around and act a fool at first to loosen up. Plus I have a secret weapon against nervousness…LAUGHTER! Watching me show you the pose is pretty humorous, and Melissa is a total ham!  Between Melissa  and I, we’ll make you laughing and forgetting the camera is even there! Most of all, when I show you the first peek on the back of the camera, you’ll immediately disregard the notion that you “don’t take good pictures.”


Do you shoot weddings?

I do not shoot weddings at this time. I can definitely handle your Bridal Boudoir photos!

As stated in “About Us,” we shoot boudoir and nude photography exclusively. I’m a master of one trade.

I do have a cross-referral relationships wonderful wedding photographers that I can put you in touch with.

Why do you require a deposit?

Both my time and yours are valuable. I have a magazine to run. Cancelled appointments take time away from other clients. I also want to be sure that you’re ready to shoot when you schedule. You aren’t going to drop $200.00 if you aren’t sure! The deposit also covers the reservation of our hair/MUA.

The deposit is applied to your session fee and/or Prix Fixe package.


Are your rates negotiable?

Our rates are not negotiable.

Who have you mentored with?

I have mentored with internationally renowned boudoir photographer Christa Meola. The rest is self taught.

Has your photography ever been published?

I’ll do you one better: I publish a magazine! And make no mistake, Black Label Magazine is the real deal. We are endorsed by and advertise for major lingerie designers. We are currently working a big advertising contract with a major lingerie brand.

But yes, I have been published and featured in other outlets all over the world, including, NIF Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, and featured on numerous blogs and websites.


I’m not sure if I’m comfortable having a man photograph me in such an intimate manner…

Don’t worry…I’m happily married. And I wouldn’t be in business if I made women uncomfortable.

We will always provide a professional environment. A woman, usually my wife, will always be present during the shoot (if my wife isn’t available during the shoot, the stylists I use are all female). I will keep my distance and ensure you are comfortable with any close up shots (and if you aren’t, I’ll just use a longer lens!). You may also bring along a friend or even your husband/partner (though it will ruin the surprise!) to enhance your comfort level. If your escort is a distraction and not an enhancement, they will be asked to leave the set.

If nudity is to be part of the session, you’ll really only be nude for those shots. Changing is done in private, and a robe will be close by to cover yourself as soon as the shot is done.

Altogether, we will strive to provide a relaxed, fun, & comfortable day for you. Not to mention some awesome photos!


Why do you do this (boudoir photography)?

The short answer is because it is the most beautiful form of photography, IMHO. Unlike conventional portraiture, it’s where you can get REALLY creative. Plus, I’m good at it. *wink*

Do I have to buy prints?

Let us make clear that the best way to showcase these images is to have them printed. We use a professional print lab that produces prints with archival quality inks and paper. If you are absolutely adamant about not purchasing prints, but want digital images without a watermark, the cost will be $50.00 an image. The cost is prohibitive because it just makes more sense to have us print them for you! We are professionals, so trust us! We have your best interests in mind. PS: All your prints & album images come with a  full resolution digital backup!

We will cover all of this and more during your free consultation! Contact us today to schedule one! There’s no cost & no obligation!

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