Every so often you need to purge…

You may notice that I’ve purged the “Drifting Lens” Blog here…

Every so often you just need to have a good purge. This New Year’s weekend Melissa and I have been doing that to our house: getting rid of the junk and organizing ourselves.

I’ll admit it: the blog here on our parent site became disjointed and sporadic. Much of my effort of the last six months have been focused on Black Label Magazine, getting it up and running, primed & polished. Unfortunately, this blog, which is designed for a different audience, became the victim of confused neglect. To create Black Label Magazine was a tremendous undertaking.

"Beauties" Issue Cover

“Beauties” Issue Cover

We ran out of time, honestly, and for that I hope you’ll forgive us!

The chaos has (temporarily, anyway) subsided. BLM has launched successfully and now we’re looking to bring our enterprise full circle, encompassing not only our commercial venture but also our private commissioning service.

We’ve updated the Investment & Products pages and revamped our look-book so you can easily become familiar with our services. We’ll be fixing up our portfolio as well so you can see some of our more current work (including a lovely client who released her images to us!). And we’ll also post a few tales of our recent adventures…and prepare you for our big one coming up!

So thanks for sticking with us. We’ve had one hell of a ride so far and we’re looking forward to a rocking 2016!

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