The Midnight Caller

It was one of the first images I ever shot in my first studio. My partner had built an outlandish set and it required a dramatic, ethereal photo taken on it. You’ve seen it throughout the site, and now, here’s a bit of the back story.


We brought local model Luna LaBelle in to test out different lighting scenarios and a potential stylist partner. I had already more than exhausted Melissa in making her play “crash test dummy” and I needed, of course, variety in our portfolio. Luna was a spectacular model and I ended up publishing the whole set in Black Label Magazine.

The idea was simple: turn off all the lights and use the ambient of the set. We didn’t want a lingerie shot. Ethereal was the key to making it work. Sheer fabric always works wonders for adding to this effect. But we got a little creative with how we “dressed” her by wrapping it down one leg, covering the bum but revealing it just enough.

I’ve repeated the lighting scheme sans drapery, and though the fully nude images are beautiful in their own right, something about the original “Midnight Caller” just can’t be topped.

Many of our private clients want to recreate this shot. I’m of course more than happy to accommodate!

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