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The Studio: Trianon

TRIANON is Black Label Studio’s most elaborate set. Its baroque panels and gorgeous Empire chandelier draw inspiration from the great palaces and chateaus of Europe. We have various furnishings that serve as wonderful accoutrements to the set, and allow you to get creative with poses. The set may also be converted into a bedroom look

The Studio: Aria

The Aria is Black Label Studio’s ultra modern set, with a unique, three dimensional wall that makes for an interesting yet simple background.

The Studio: The Disco Wall

It’s almost a mirror, but it isn’t. The “Disco Wall” is another clean but still dramatic set option at Black Label Studio. Shooting here makes both nude and lingerie shots look amazing, especially when we colorize the lights! 

The Studio: Outrébrite

Inspired by the first nude photographs Lincoln ever saw (the Bert Stern/Marilyn Monroe shoot), this is our favorite lighting setup and an exvellent way for both client and photographer to warm up.

“The Francis Ford Coppola”

Trianon was built with getting this angle in mind. I call it “The Francis Ford Coppola” because if you’ve ever seen any of his movies, you’ll know that he likes to shoot through chandeliers (think “The Godfather” or “Apocalypse Now.”

The Studio: Endless Opportunity

We are always coming up with new ways to create stunning boudoir photography. It does not end with the three main sets of Black Label Studio! We have a variety of other options, and the improvements never stop!

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